What you should know about driving

What You Should Know About Driving

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What you should know about driving involves the basic things a driver should know when it comes to driving. Driving is controlling and operating of motor vehicle on a road. Driving in traffic is more than just knowing how to operate the mechanism which control the vehicle. It actually required knowing how to apply the traffic rules and regulations governing safe and efficient sharing of the roads with others.

What you should know about driving came up for a better understanding of what driving entails. A driver is a person who operates an engine powered motor vehicle with four or more wheels. Some people drives for different purposes. Some are commercial, private or cooperate drivers.

What you should know about driving

Facts On What You Should Know About Driving

  • Driving is a high frequent activity involving the use of all the human senses
  • Vehicles on the roads today have increased more than the previous years
  • About 70% of the world’s population are directly or indirectly involved in activities related to it on daily basis.
  • More than half of the drivers you find on the road commits series of road traffic offences every year.
  • The controlling and steering of a vehicle they said is one of the most significant personal risk in human endeavour
  • component involved in it are speed, distance and time. These components must be considered before embarking on any journey.
Distance, time and speed are part of driving

Driving Is A Physical Skill

A driver must be able to effectively control direction, acceleration and deceleration

  • The task includes , starring the vehicle’s engine with the ignition system
  • Setting the transmission to the correct gear. Observing the dashboard
  • How to use the pedals and modulate the clutch in case of manual transmission
  • Operating other important ancillary devices such as the indicators, headlights and windshields wipers
  • Using the mirror effectively
  • Overtaking and reversing techniques

Driving As A Mental Skill

  • The bulk of the work is in the mental skill. Driver error is important factor in road crashes and a major factor in the resultant death world wide every year
A crash scene showing one of drivers in regrets
  • Avoiding such error involves more than just following the rules of the road literally
  • It involves complete mental alertness, engaging as all the senses
  • Avoiding or successfully handling an emergency driving situation can involve the following skills -making good decisions based on road and traffic conditions -on-time evasive manoeuvring -proper hand placement and sitting position -steering and braking -Understanding vehicle dynamics

Driving As A Pleasure

A man and a woman in front of car seat with a child behind full of pleasure
  • It is the feeling of enjoyment derived from operating a motor vehicle
  • Driving pleasure factors includes responsiveness of the vehicle to the driver’s manipulation of the control, which means that the vehicle obeys and executes the driver’s command without hitches

For more information read, Aggressive driving Or visit www.theroadsafety.com

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