Warning device use of siren

Warning Device: Use Of Siren

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What is a SIREN? A siren is a warning device or a warning signal which makes a long, loud noise. The use of siren is mostly by the armed forces. And also the paramilitary agencies, ambulances and fire service. In Nigeria the total number of recorded siren users were over 2,969 currently. Some rich people in Africa feels that the use of alarm system promotes their image in the eyes of the public. But as time passes by, most of them abandoned it as they go about their businesses. Improving Road Safety Awareness is actually meant for such people to reduce the negative side on the abuse of siren.

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Persons Authorized To Use Siren

The ill use of warning devices are increasingly been abused in recent times.The following persons are permitted to use siren, flasher or beacon lights;

  • The President
  • Vice President
  • Senate President
  • Speaker of the House of Representatives
  • Chief Justice of Nigeria
  • Deputy President of the Senate
  • Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives
  • Governors of States
  • Deputy Governors of States

Legal Aspect On The Use Of Siren

FRSC Act 2007 in Section 10(3) (p), mandated the corp to “regulate the use of siren, on vehicles other than the authorized people listed above.

It is an offence for any one other than the above listed persons to drive a vehicle using siren, flashers or beacon lights. Such a person is liable on conviction to a fine of =N=3,000(three thousand niara) or 7 months imprisonment or both.

A person is not permitted to obstruct without reasonable excuse, any vehicle authorised by the regulation to use siren, flasher or beacon lights. And any person found guilty of this offence shall be liable on conviction to a fine of =N=2,000(two thousand naira) or 6 moths imprisonment or both. Bad effect of the abuse of siren no doubt has caused some negatie effects.

Negative Effects On Misuse Of Siren

  • noise pollution
  • disrupt free flow of traffic
  • disobedience to road traffic rules and regulations
  • assault on para-military agencies and damage to property
  • loss of man hour which affect productivity

Persons guilty of this siren abuse has to desist from doing so. Also, government has to play a bigger role through the authorities concerned on enforcement.

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