Vehicle to vehicle communication V2V

Vehicle To Vehicle Communication V2V

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Vehicle to vehicle communication (V2V)simply means exchange of information between two or more vehicles through a wireless technology. This involves Connected Vehicle Technology (CVT) which requires wireless data transmission among vehicles. This means that cars can be communicating with each other, alert drivers and for possible avoidance of the danger ahead.

For this technology to work out there must be a means of establishing the communication. This is where a Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC), Wi-Fi, LTE, etc comes in. However, this medium will perform the duties of transmitting information across to other vehicles. Information like accident, traffic gridlock, road obstructions data will be sent across to other vehicle. And road users can avoid troubled locations. The first type of vehicle to vehicle communication(V2V) systems was to warn drivers only. But the recent ones will warn and subsequently take control of the car. The distance for communication is about 300 meters radius. Other electronical road furniture as road traffic signals, are V2I meaning Vehicles to Infrastructure.

Vehicle to vehicle communication on display
Vehicle to vehicle communication

Origin Of Vehicle To Vehicle Communication V2V

America thought it wise to reduce road traffic crashes by proposing V2V. The Department of Transportation for Notice of Proposed Rulemaking(NPRM) issued this notice that can enable automobiles to communicate with each other. V2V communication will be fully functional soon.

Benefits of V2V

  • With V2V communication helps to reduce accident. Knowing that there is an obstruction along the route, the driver can easily avoid the route.
  • Saves more lives. With the V2V communication technology take off, less crashes will occur. And more lives saved.
  • Reduce loss of man hour during traffic gridlock. Time to use for other productive ventures lost when trapped in a traffic gridlock.
  • Drastically reduce loss of property. The time V2V communication is fully functional, accident, damage to vehicles and indirect losses will be reduced.
  • Makes driving more pleasurable.
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