Vehicle Security Threat

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Vehicle security threat is one of the security threats in driving which must be taken care of to ensure a good executive protection driving. Here, vehicle security is not referring to an electronic device that can be installed in a vehicle. No. We mean taking care of the vehicle to ensure good conditions always to avoid disappointment. A security conscious driver will always make sure that his vehicle is in top performance condition. If not the driver should expect disappointment from the vehicle probably in an emergency situation when it is expected to save life, property and information.

Vehicle security threat the checks

Vehicle Security Threat: Checks

However, for the vehicle to be in top performance condition, the driver must always as a matter of routine discipline, check the following

  • Radiator water and coolant level, check for leakages.
  • Electricity cables are functional and in right place.
  • Petrol leakage
  • Electrolyte level in the battery
  • Engine oil level and leakage
  • Check fan belt tension
  • Tyre pressure
  • Mark’s or cuts on tyre
  • Head lamps, indicator lights, break lights, reverse lights, side mirrors, steering wheel
  • Lubricant level
Vehicle security threat checking oil level

Also to reduce vehicle security hazard, a security conscious driver must always be checking the following items when driving:

  • Speedometer
  • Petrol gauge
  • Oil pressure
  • Battery voltage
  • Temperature gauge
  • Lighten system

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