Vehicle registration and Licensing

Vehicle Registration And Licensing

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If you are looking for the meaning of vehicle registration and licensing, you are at the right place. What is the difference between vehicle registration and licensing? Vehicle registration is when a vehicle is first added to the motor vehicle registration system and new number plate is issued. While Vehicle licensing is the yearly renewal fee paid to keep the motor vehicle fit to be used on the road.

Vehicle registration and Licensing papers

Vehicle Registration

The following steps are to be taken to register a new vehicle in Nigeria

  • The intending person will submit application form and pay prescribed fee to Licensing office
  • The application attached with the certificate of payment. Or exemption from import duty by the customs and excise
  • There is a special undertaken to be signed for any commercial vehicle like buses and articulated vehicle to comply with the use and construction of the vehicle
  • Military vehicles are not to be registered, therefore they are exempted from registration
Vehicle registration and Licensing not for military vehicles
  • A vehicle if issued for hire or otherwise have to conform with oath of use and construction
  • The motor vehicle registration book shall be in the vehicle and be presented on demand by law enforcement agencies.

Vehicle Licensing

  • Pay for the prescribed fee
  • Present the registration book
  • Produce the current certificate of third party insurance
  • Present road worthiness certificate
  • Vehicle license is issued for a period of 6 or 12 months validity

Car dealers can have dealers trade license and do obtain temporary license for free to operate an unregistered vehicle on public road till it gets to destination. And this is valid for only 14 days and the vehicle is not qualified for that Licensing in the next 12 months nor the vehicle used for any commercial means. The current vehicle license shall be conspicuous on the vehicle.

Unregistered vehicle

Essential Driving Documents

  • Valid drivers license
  • Must possess a valid vehicle license
  • Valid identification number plate
  • Road worthiness validity tag
  • Hackney permit for goods vehicle plus weigh bill
  • Motor vehicle insurance
car insurance policy
1 Private Motorcycle Blue lettering on white background A
2 Commercial Motorcycle/Tricycle Red lettering on white background A
3 Private Vehicle Blue lettering on white background B, D, J
4 Commercial Vehicle Red lettering on white background C, E, F, G, H
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