Vehicle extrication

Vehicle Extrication Increases The Chances Of Survival

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When accident occurs, passersby are always the first to respond before the arrival of the professionals. In event someone is trapped inside the accidented vehicle, and all efforts made to rescue the individual proves abortive, on arrival of the professionals , they will use the process called vehicle extrication

Vehicle extrication is the process of removing a person from a vehicle that has been involved in a motor vehicle accident when conventional means of exit are impossible or inadvisable. This is typically accomplished by utilizing hydraulic tools. Vehicle extrication is also known as removing the vehicle from around the person in reference to the often delicate touch needed to minimize disturbance to the victim during the extrication.


Basic Vehicle Extrication Process

  • The protection of the accident scene, to avoid a risk of another collision ( that is making out the scene with cones and other tools) and of fire (example switching off the ignition, disconnecting the battery, placing absorbing powder on oil and gasoline pools, fire extinguisher and fire hose ready to use)
  • Patient triage and initial medical assessment of the patient by qualified medical rescuer
  • The stabilization of the vehicle, to avoid the movements of the vehicle itself, and the movement of the suspension, either of which may exacerbate an unstable trauma wound or cause injury to the rescuers
  • The opening of the vehicle and the deformation of the structure such as removing the window to allow the intervention of the first responder, of a paramedic or of a physician inside the vehicle to better assess the patient and begin care and also to release a possible pressure on the casualty
  • Removal of a section of the cabin, which is usually removal of the roof or doors to allow for safe removal of the accident victims, especially respecting the head-neck-back axis
  • Removal of the patient from the vehicle
vehicle extrication machine

In less complicated cases, it is possible to extricate the casualty without actually cutting the car, such as removing a patient from the side door or another part of the vehicle.

Risks of new technologies on vehicle extrication

We need to understand that extrication includes patients assessment, treatment and removal of patient from vehicle. Some departments only carry with them minimal tools such as one set of jaws of life and are only capable of simple “popping ” a door off and then must step away to allow the medical rescuers in or to allow a more dedicated heavy rescue team in who has more equipment. Extrication units are supposed to not only have many different kinds of extrication tools, but medical equipment, oxygen and backboard as well . Extrication is the entire process from fire protection, power unit disengagement, vehicle stabilization, patient stabilization and treatment, removal of vehicle from patient, removal of patient, and transfer to ambulance. Extrication is not just simply popping a door off. However, on the process of carrying extriation, there are various risks of new technologies on vehicle extrication

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