Tyre care

Tyre Care

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We can not talk about tyre care without a brief discussion on tyre condition. Tyre condition is one of the factors that crucially affects the well being and safety of motor vehicle occupants. The tyre condition are dictated by the tyre type and pressure as well as pattern and depth of tread. There are two major types of tyres and they are the cross-ply and the radial-ply. What is a ply? The ply of tyre is how many layers of rubber is on the tyre. The regular car and light tyres have 4 plies. In Cross-ply, the plies are imposed at an angle of 40 or 80 with their cords running across each other diagonally. The Radial-ply. The cord in the plies of radial ply tyres run four bead to bead across the crown at right angles.

A mechanic observing Tyre care

Tyre Care And Characteristics

Unbalanced Wheel (tyre)

Unbalanced wheel may be caused by incorrectly seated tyre on rim or incompletely wheel nuts or faulty brake system. The result is uneven wear of tyre. And may result to wheel pulling out of drum on motion.

Remedy: – Check if the wheel nuts are well tightened. – Balance the wheel. – Check the break system for adjustment

Balancing the tyre wheel

Steering Geometry fault

Record has it that bad steering geometry may be due to wear in all or some of the steering kits or suspension joints. This alignment of sub-framework and bad chassis due to accident and may be responsible to steering geometry fault. This will result to uneven wear of tyres

Remedy: The steering geometry should be checked once a month and tyres be given adequate examination in terms of balancing and pressure to avoid tyre burst.


Speed is a function of acceleration which creates turbulent on the tyre causing the tyres to roll and rub or skid on the road surface

Vehicle skidding worns tyre

Also excessive speed has always been the problem of drivers neglecting the set speed limit as against the safety of the vehicle occupants. The imposition of speed limits have help to reduce this problem

Remedy: A wise and experienced driver avoid speeding and drives within the safety recommended speed

Tyre Material

Research has it that tyre wear or burst is not only the result of over speeding or high pressure, but also the function of the material used in the manufacturing of such tyres

Remedy: Be sure of the tyre make you are buying. And ensure it will solve your problem. Government can help to checkmate such tyres

Tread Patterns

Tyre tread patterns

Different tread patterns are available for various purposes. Treads with deep bites and deep channels are used for winter conditions to assure good road grip and easy dislodgment of slush, mud and snow. For wet roads, the most important requirement is a tread that facilitates rapid drainage.

Worn tyres are the greatest danger to motor vehicles control in wet weather. Because a worn tyre has very little grip on a wet road and the weather acts as a lubricant.

Remedy: Use appropriate tyre patterns for your weather condition. Avoid the use of worn out tyres.


Overloading a vehicle with bad shock absorbers systems will cause the vehicle to learn to the side with bad shock and if more than one side is affected. The vehicle bounces on rough road surface creating excessive pressure or weight on the suspension springs and the tyres There are two implications of this: i) The suspension springs may break, resulting to sudden burst in the affected tyre. ii) The whole absorbers and its tyre may pull out of the vehicle’s body.

A bursted tyre due to overloading

Remedy: Avoid overloading. Shock absorbers should be checked always. If any oil is noticed on the absorbers poles, check its situation in the garage. On the other hand you can press each corner of the vehicle by learning on the corners one after the other. The suspension should rise and sink once or twice and then stop moving. This shows a healthy suspension.

Retread Tyre

Remold tyres are made up of weak rubbers making the tyres to wear fast and burst suddenly when overloaded or on high speed and in high temperature. Sometimes the moulded kerb peels off on motion, resulting to tyre burst.

Remedy: Avoid the use of remold tyres for your safety and for the safety of other road users. How to know re-treaded tyres. Check if the tread is darker than the rest of the tyre or that if it feels rougher by touching.

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