Triangular bandage use

Triangular Bandage

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A triangular bandage is a cotton piece of cloth in the shape of a triangle. It is used as a pad to control bleeding and may be use to support or immobilise an injury to a bone or joint. This is very important to know, when it comes to casualty handling.

Uses Of Triangular Bandage

Triangular bandage uses

For Stretcher

This could be narrow fold or broad fold. Narrow fold- The apex is rolled up to the base. Broad fold- The apex is folded loosely to the base.

As Fan

Use your teeth to hold the apex, then hold the two ends

Rift Nut

Makes a narrow bandage. Hold it with two hands and place left hand on right hand. Turn the left hold into the circle formed and bring it up again then tie it with the right hold.

Rift Pad

Make a narrow bandage, tie it round your hand and roll circle the free ends round the circle formed in different direction

Back And Front

Make narrow bandage or fold, hold the two ends in the two hands. Throw the right forward and the left back with each end now pointing downwards. The two ends now form two circles each pointing to opposite direction. The two circles are made to overlap while the two ends of the scarf are immediately pulled. Tie the two ends round the neck but the broken neck is now placed inside the overlapping.

Scarf Bandage

Make a rift pad and put it on the hand

Jaw Bandage

Triangular bandage showing jaw bandage

Make a narrow bandage, make a rift pad and place it on the jaw. Open the middle of the tie then spread it to fore head and back head then tie properly. This could also be done if the rift placed on the jaw is brought over the head with one end of the tie longer. The longer arm is then brought over forehead so that it could be tied at side of the head

Arm Sling

Arm sling

The triangular bandage is tied round the neck by the right and ties to other end of bandage

Chest And Abdomen Bandage

Two bandages are needed, first one over the abdomen and second one over the chest

Chest Bandage

The triangular bandage is placed over left shoulder. The remaining bandage is placed over left shoulder. The remaining two ends around the abdomen tie at back. The left arm that is left after tying is brought via back to be tied to the front end of left.

Foot Bandage

Foot bandage

Full(apex at front), Half(apex at back). Transportation with two hands, the two first aider themselves and place the hand at the bottom to form a seat to carry the patient, 3 hand seater(use second hand to hold patient in addition to above, 4 hand seatear- the two hands of the first aider are. A single first aider can also do transportation either by a-backing the patient or backing him by pick a back with raiders right hand.

Knee Bandage

Hip Bandage

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