Rescue Techniques For Fire Accidents

The Successful Rescue Techniques For Fire Accidents

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Accidents are being categorized as fatal when there is loss of life; serious when there is major injuries and heavy loss of economic properties; minor when it involves bruises and hitting of vehicle. However, rescue techniques for fire accidents has some common sense procedure that must be applied in other not to endanger the life of the rescuer. The ravaging effect of fire can be stopped using fire extinguisher.

The Rescue Techniques For Fire Accidents

These rescue techniques for fire accidents involving vehicles has the following application

Rescue Techniques For Fire Accidents
  • Disconnect the battery and pour the extinguisher at the base of the fire
  • For engine fire, open the bonnet slightly applying all level of carefulness, back the wind, then attack the fire. You should be careful with your eyes.
  • Accident involving fuel tankers, contact fire service brigade, tell residents to run away, divert traffic from a reasonable distance, attack the fire such that the foam water or halon being used do not transmit the fire to the tank, the fighting engine or equipment. Be cautious because the fuel tanker is under pressure and can explode, give breathing equipment to assist those that can not breathe. Do not tow the fuel tanker, flush any areas socked with fuel with detergent mixed with water, that will help form blanket on the area and prevent vehicle skidding.
  • Rescue involving vehicle crashing into a river, a breaking apparatus with face mask supply oxygen is used. Determine the depth of the river and ensure that it has no hazard like reptiles ; snakes, crocodiles, etc. Check areas covered by weeds to ensure that you do not stumble into thick sand or mud, lay victim on a stretcher, clean his air ways to enable better breathing unless when you are sure that the victim is dead. Victims are pulled out of the river by divers, that is those that knows how to swim.
  • For rescue involving vehicle in a ditch or rocky terrain, use a long thin rope with a hook, rackle a life aid to overcome hindrance of height, but if it is in a ditch, tie the rope to a heavy rock or towing vehicle.
  • vehicle carrying corrosive chemical, flammable and dangerous fumes, wear boots, gloves, never all down, use nose guards, flood the area with water or alkaline, look for the information on the goods the vehicle is transporting.


Car fire and domestic fire prevention are important lessons that every human being should have a better knowledge on the elementary principles. A car fire is a fire involving an automobile. Usually, starts from inside the engine compartment.It could be avoided or controlled only if certain simple precautions are observed so that the damage or loss associated with it could be reduced…


Causes of fire in this aspect is referring to car fire which are the various preventable mistakes drivers make majorly out of carelessness. The usual places automobile fire starts is from the engine compartment. However, it can also start from under the car, from the wheel region, sometimes from inside the car…


Car fire safety precautions are those safety measures taken to protect life and property in event of car fire occurence.

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