Statutory functions of FRSC

Statutory Functions Of FRSC

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Discussing road safety in Nigeria is not complete without giving insight on the lead agency responsible for ensuring safety on Nigerian roads. That is the Federal Road Safety Corps(FRSC). The FRSC was established in 1988 by Decree 45 with certain legitimate functions and later amended by Decree 35 of 1992 further as FRSC Act 141 LFN 1990. However, the new act now is FRSC (Establishment) Act, 2007. Upon establishment, there are various statutory functions of FRSC which will be listed as we move on.

Functions Of FRSC: Vision And Mission Statement


To eradicate road traffic crashes and create safe motoring environment in Nigeria

Statutory functions of FRSC


To regulate, enforce and coordinate all road traffic and safety management activities through: sustained public enlightenment, promotion of stakeholders cooperation, robust data management, improved vehicle administration, prompt rescue services and effective patrol operation.

The Statutory Functions Of FRSC In Nigeria

  • Educating road users on the proper use of the road
  • Providing rescue services by prompt attention and care to victims of road accidents
  • Determining and enforcing speed limits for all categories of roads and vehicles
  • Production of driver’s license and vehicle identification number
  • Collaborating with agencies, bodies and groups engaged in road safety activities on the prevention of road crash.
  • Clearing obstructions on the highways
FRSC removal of obstruction
  • Initiating traffic rules and regulations capable of curtailing crashes
  • Recommending works and devices designed to eliminate or minimize crash to the federal, state government agencies on where such works and required
  • Networking nationally on emergency road services
  • Public enlightenment programmes -workshops and seminars on improving road safety awareness training: 1) mandatory drivers education courses. 2) annual drivers examination to reassess abilities. – Drivers safety consciousness behaviour while behind the wheels. -Literacy campaigns emphasizing highway code and road signs by: 1) motor park rallies 2) drama sketches -massive large scale campaign during festive periods -special campaigns for selected target audience -focus on passengers who tend to be unaware that road crash claims more passengers than drivers lives
  • Enforcement of road traffic regulations -speed checks -overloading -use of phone while driving -use of seatbelts -use of crash helmet
A female rider fastening her helmet
  • Highway patrols
  • Establishment road side clinics/help areas
  • Road transport safety Standardization programme(RTSSS)
  • Driving school standardization programme(DSSP)
  • Regulating the use of sirens, flashers and bacon lights on vehicles others than ambulance and vehicles belonging to the armed forces, Nigerian police, fire service and other paramilitary agencies
  • Making the roads safe for all road users
  • Engage in activities that can prevent and minimizing road crashes


Some road users are ignorant of the traffic rules and regulations while many others disregard the rules at will. These contributes to a lot of accident related deaths and loss of properties on the roads.

To ensure a safe motoring environment, road users have to be compelled to obey traffic rules and regulations by proper enforcement of the road traffic laws.

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