Speed limit

Speed Limit

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The speed limit is the Legal maximum or minimum speed at which vehicles may travel on a particular road. Usually is been measured at k/hr (kilometers per hour ) or m/hr (miles per hour). Different countries have different speed limits which is part of the traffic rules and regulations.

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Like earlier mentioned, speed is measured in kilometers per hour. Meaning that there is a strong relationship between speed, distance and time. Speed = distance รท time

Recommended speed in kilometers per hour

Recommended speed in kilometers per hour

Things Drivers Should Know About Speed Limit

  • To live long, avoid over speeding
  • Drivers should always obey speed limit signs
  • Increasing your speed will lead to over-speeding and dangerous overtaking
Vehicles on high speed.
  • People have been killed in crashes at speeds as low as 19.2km/hr
  • Several road crashes occur at low speed. Ironically not far from the driver’s homes. Drivers safety consciousness can never be over emphasized.
  • In case there’s no limit posted and the road is clear, drive no faster than 100Km/hr.
  • Common sense requires actual speed below the posted limit
  • Note that a vehicle traveling at 100km/hr covers 27.8 meters in one second. Just imagine the disaster if the vehicle veers into the bush at that speed.
  • Just like in the right-of-way, speed limits are not absolute.
  • Adjust your speed if conditions requires it. It will also give you safe stopping distance.
  • On the other hand, driving slower than the minimum speed can interrupt the traffic flow and create dangerous situations
  • Also, to keep traffic flowing smoothly, some highways also have minimum speed for example bridges, security zones, etc
  • Even if there is no speed limit, those driving much slower than the posted limit can be as dangerous as driving too fast as such drivers create room to tempt others who may want to overtake
  • Remember always that the faster you move, the closer you are to a crash.
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