Signs of human trafficking

Signs Of Human Trafficking

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The operatives on the road; Police, FRSC, Customs, NIS, and the likes have a vital role to play in the fight against human trafficking. But this can only be achievable by recognizing these signs of human trafficking when faced with such. The traffickers achieve their aim through road transportation, which is their major means of moving victims of human trafficking. Other individuals using the road have also provide useful information to operatives. Some human traffickers have been caught through such process.

Signs of human trafficking by road transportation

Human trafficking is the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labour or sexual exploitation. All over the world, there are an estimated 21 million people in forced human trafficking worldwide. Breaking this figure down, about 68% are subjected to forced labour, while about 22% are subjected to forced sexual exploitation. Furthermore, the remaining 10% are in forms of state-imposed forced labour or probably forced to take part in rebel armed forces.

Women and girls make up about 55% of those forced into a form of modern slavery compared to 45% men and boys. Record has it that mainly children and youths between the ages of 9-38 years are exposed more.

Signs Of Human Trafficking: Identifying Victims

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Having a good knowledge about the characteristics of victims will guide operatives(individuals) in identifying these victims or signs of human trafficking and subsequent handling, that is rescue, sheltering, referral or otherwise. If identified, operatives should be soft in handling them rather than being harsh. The followings are the features usually manifested by victims of trafficking in person (TIP)

  • They are always aggressive
  • Show no trust
  • They dont cooperate in answering or obeying instructions from operatives
  • Full of anxiety and fear
  • Restless most times
  • Slow in decision taking but always looking up to someone
  • Day dreamers and full of night mares
  • They dont know the type of job nor the employer in destination countries
  • Cannot defend the document found on them
  • Often led and cannot lead
  • Mostly timid
  • Tickets purchased by someone else.
  • Usually youths (male/female) within an age bracket traveling in a vehicle or convoy of vehicles
  • Operatives should not only concentrate on the driver but passengers, and also ask questions when trafficking in person is suspected.

Features Of Traffickers

As we know, there is no practical facial signs or picture of traffickers. Anybody could be a trafficker. The followings are the possible factors of persons suspected to be traffickers

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  • They usually try to be the spoke person of other passengers in the vehicle when question are thrown to the vehicle occupants about their trip and mission.
  • They usually pose as the leader of others in the vehicle
  • Traffickers usually display bravery and tough where cross examined
  • Most times, if search is carried out on their body and language, the possession of the following materials signifies a trafficker; pubic hairs, nail cuttings, blood stained menstrual pads and photographs. These materials are sometimes kept at the shrine before departure.
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