Signs of drowsy driving

Signs Of Drowsy Driving

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You may not understand how dangerous it is to have experienced drowsy driving. Some drivers whether commercial or private can attest to have experienced it. Record has it that significant road crashes are caused by fatigue, drugs and alcohol drowsiness. The signs of drowsy driving are not far fetched.

Indications Of Drowsy Driving

The followings are the various signs of drowsy driving

  • Constant yawning
  • Tailgating
  • Forgetfulness
  • Missing road traffic signs
  • Difficulty in keeping the head in upright position
  • Drifting – off and out of the road – in-between lanes
  • Dosing and blurred vision
  • Wandering and uncoordinated thoughts

How To Prevent It

  • Drivers should get enough sleep or rest before embarking on any journey
  • When embarking on long trip, go with a companion or a co-driver
  • Must schedule regular stops every 3 hours or 300 km for a rest of about 15 minutes or more at each stop
  • Endeavour to pull off into a safe area from the traffic and take a brief nap when fatigue is setting in for about 30 minutes.

In conclusion, chewing bubble gum, kola, sweets or chewing sticks are never solution. Or even playing music. Though it might give a little temporary solution. And the issue resurfaces again. However, there’s no other immediate solution rather than rest, rest and rest for not less than 30 minutes. And then continue with your journey.

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