See The Tourist Requirements To Drive In Nigeria

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People travel to different countries for various reasons. Some for tourism and some for other reasons. Tourism involves the activities of people travelling to and stay in places outside their usual environment for leisure, business or other purposes for not more than one consecutive year. A tourist is a person travelling or visiting a place for pleasure. Therefore, the following are tourist requirements to drive in Nigeria.

The Requirements

  1. As a tourist, when visiting Nigeria and you have intention to drive the following must be ensured.
  2. Be familiar with the road network of the Nigerian roads.
  3. The evidence for permission to import your vehicle temporary into Nigeria has to be shown to avoid disturbances by the authorities involved
A Male tourist driving in a wild life

4. The evidence of your permit to stay in Nigeria must be shown

5. Ensure that the vehicle is road worthy and has the following

  • Vehicle license
  • Vehicle inspection certificate
  • Proof of ownership certificate
  • Road worthiness certificate
  • Road worthiness validity tag
  • National vehicle identification tag
  • Any other relevant vehicle documents

6. The tourist vehicle carries the number plate of the country

7. Seek and obtain permit to drive in Nigeria with 15 days

The requirements for the permit

  • International passport(data page)
  • Foreign drivers license
  • Proof of residence in Nigeria ( eg. Electricity bill)
  • Letter of authenticity of drivers license from the tourist country.
  • Then the applicant will pay for a prescribed fee after which the processes are completed, the certificate will be issued and it has a unique number on it.

8. The tourist is expected to obtain within 90 days of stay in Nigeria, his drivers license for the category of his vehicle.

9. Is expected to change his vehicle number plate to Nigerian number plate within 90 days of stay in Nigeria.

10. That you have the country international driving permit in addition to your country’s drivers license

11. In case you are representing your company or organisation, have the details of your country’s embassy or consulate and any agent your company or organisation has in Nigeria. However, it could be useful to you incase of emergencies.

12. Drive carefully and obey all traffic rules and regulations.

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