Security Awareness tips

Security Awareness Tips

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Security awareness tips is the dos and don’ts to ensure security and safety of lives and property. There are safety and security tips for various aspects of human lives but our focus will be on drivers security awareness tips.

Drivers Security Awareness Tips

The following are considered to be the major drivers security awareness tips.

  • People taking more than the normal interest in your vehicle, office, home is not normal. Please beware of such people.
  • Be conscious of unusual vehicle in the vicinity of your home, office.
Security Awareness tips to observe vehicle around your vicinity
  • Beware of people asking questions about what you do at home, at the office or during recreation.
  • Drivers should always look out for strange vehicles following or trailing them.
  • Be suspicious and if your suspicion continues, involve the police
  • Drivers should be prepared to use their car as a weapon when occasion demands.
  • Never stop for anyone you do not know, and even if you know them, have a second thought as close friends could always be used as a bait.
  • When ramming a vehicle on a road block/ambush to escape an unusual situation always engage a low gear, and press accelerator pedal down to the floor. -Keep your foot down down on the pedal as you hit the car and drive straight through. -Do not ease the pressure on the accelerator. -Hit the vehicle near the front or rear tyre, depending on which side has more space for your car
  • Never use high speed as the main method of avoiding a pursuing car. -Because you may loose control of the vehicle
  • A pursuing vehicle must not be allowed to draw up along side of your car and stay beside you. -drive your car around and get away from the place.
  • If possible drive on major roads always
  • Stay away from corners
  • Always remember when traveling in a vehicle, movement is a primary defense. So keep moving
  • During vehicle inspection on your car look out for; -protruding wires -finger print grease -spots and scratches on the doors -signs of tampering with locks on the doors, boot and bonnet
Security Awareness tips to observe tampering with your vehicle
  • Never touch the car until you are sure that it is safe
  • Special attention should be paid to the doors
  • Try to park your car where you can keep an eye on it.
  • You should not leave your car unattended to, it is a rule.

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