Road Transport

Road Transport System

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Road transport is vital for individual, private, corporate and national development and therefore should be held high up and be taken very serious by all concerned.

Roads are the main avenue of modern society’s infrastructure and contributing heavily to the distribution of goods and human populations. Also, it is the single most important capital assets in the transportation sector of any country. Roads constitute 90% of mobility while other means of transportation account for less than 10%

Road Transport system

Components Of Road Transport

These are the three (3) main physical components of road transport system

  • Road users– which includes pedestrians, riders and drivers
  • Vehicles– includes bicycles, motorcycles and tricycles
  • Environment– roads including their immediate environment

These mentioned components and their interaction through the movement and behavior of the road users have effects on the society social, economic and technological stand and vice versa. Some determinant factors such as land use in the immediate vicinity of the roads, traffic laws and legislation and its enforcement are directly related to the three(3) components.

Other External Factors Of Road Transport

Other external factors are as follows

  • Education
  • Health services and others which are linked to the other sectors of the economy have influence on the operations of the road transport system and vice versa.

In many countries in Africa, the roads are poorly maintained. And are often cited as one of the major causes of road traffic crashes and for the country’s high rate of traffic fatalities.

Nigerian Roads

Nigeria has the largest road network in west Africa and the second largest south of the Sahara. There are three categories of roads in Nigeria, viz

  • Federal roads
  • State roads
  • Local government roads

Road Transport Network In Nigeria

The total road network in Nigeria is about 195,000km. Of which over 135,000km are untarred nd only about 60,000km are tarred. Out of the tarred roads a large proportion is in a very poor and dangerous condition because of negligence. Federal roads – 32,000km State roads – 31,000km Local government roads – 162,000km

Road As A Major Factor Causing Road Traffic Crash

The three major causes of RTC are the driver, the vehicle and the Road. But our focus will be on the road and how it contributes to accidents. The road can contribute to crash through

Road Transport on a bad road
  • Topography . The topography of the environment can constitute a remarkable obstruction in road construction. Mountains, valleys and river constitute sharp bends, steep hills sides and sharp slopes which are dangerous features against road users.
  • Portholes
  • Uneven/undulating road surface
  • Felled trees and other objects
  • Rain obstructs visibility, grip of tyre and reduces traction
  • Harmattarn haze/mist reduces visibility
  • Sun Ray’s glare from the sun

Preventive Measures

  • Government constructing a better and motrable roads so as to reduce crashes occasioned by bad roads
  • Treatment of the road surface to modify skid resistance
  • Apply special mastics at identified black spots
  • Road drains and grooving for rain water runoff
  • Wide multi-lane roads with divided carriageway

Record has it that private capital investment and management expertise will help the country in the area of road management. It has happened in South Africa and India.

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