Road traffic signs

Road Traffic Signs

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Road Traffic signs refers to signs erected at the side of or above roads to inform and give instructions to road users. These signs are to ensure safety and free flow of traffic through obedience to traffic rules and regulations . However, these traffic signals are in various shapes and colours depending on the category.

Brief History Of Road Signs

Most countries post signages at the side of roads to convey information to road users. The earliest traffic signs are milestones giving distance or direction to road users. But these milestones are still in existence today. Traffic signs became more important with the development of automobiles. The 1908 International Road Congress in Rome set the basic patterns for it.

Electronic road traffic sign

Today, traffic signs are almost all metal rather than wood. And are coated with retro-reflective sheeting of various types for night-time and low-light visibility. But new generations of traffic signs based on big electronic displays can also change their symbols. And can also provide intelligent information by means of sensors or by remote control(V2I).

Categories Of Road Traffic Signs

Regulatory Sign

Regulatory signs are divided into two and they are prohibitory and mandatory signs.

Prohibitory signs– They are usually circular in shape with yellow or white background, black inscription and red border. This prohibitory signs are regulatory sign that gives instructions that are prohibitory in nature.

Road traffic sign: regulatory signs(prohibitory) page 1
Page 1
 Road traffic sign: regulatory signs(prohibitory) page 2
Page 2

Mandatory signs– These are regulatory sign that are usually circular with blue background, white inscription and sometimes with white border. This regulatory signs gives positive instruction.

Roa traffic sign: regulatory signs (mandatory) page 1
Page 1
regulatory signs (mandatory) page 2
REGULATORY (Mandatory)

Warning Signs

They are usually triangular in shape, with yellow or white background, black inscription and red border.

warning signs page 1
Page 1
warning signs page 2
Page 2

Informative signs

This category of road signs are usually rectangular in shape and provide guidance information.

informative signs

But however, there are other vital traffic signs which includes; physically challenged signs, barriers signs,keep off signs, temporary route deviation signs, etc.

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