Road Traffic Crash Prevention: Your Role

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Road Traffic Crash Prevention is not something that should be left in the hands of an organization or government alone. All of us have a vital role to play in reducing road accidents. However, your role in road traffic crash prevention is very important in this business of saving lives while using the roads.

The Law Enforcement

Road traffic crash prevention by the law enforcers
  • Robust enforcement on traffic rules and regulations
  • Increase efforts on road safety education and training among the general public
  • More dedication and committment in discharging official duty.

The Government

  • The government can make a better provision for the law enforcement agencies. And equip them well in discharging their official duties.
  • Take seriously and necessary actions on the recommendations from FRSC research on road conditions.
  • Review road safety laws and improve vehicle construction standard
  • Ensure enough provision on research and publicity
  • Provide sponsorship on public enlightenment
  • Provide higher legislation on various traffic offences

Parents And School Teachers

Parents and school Teachers involved in road safety teaching
  • With the inclusion of road safety education in schools, increase efforts should be given to it
  • School authorities to ensure that school children get used to safety on the roads. hrough practical drills involved in road safety
  • Parents should endeavour to pratice and teach their children the rudiments of road safety for children.

Voluntary Organizations

  • Help in the campaign for Improve road safety awareness. Assist the disabled. By providing grants and encouragement
  • Carry out publicity campaign, stimulate or organize road safety education in schools, provide expert advice and resources.

International Organizations

International organizations showing countries flags

The Federal road safety Corps is the lead agency in traffic management in Nigeria. The FRSC through the bilateral unit deals with the government of various states on matters relating to road safety.

The multilateral unit deals with various international organizations and not their government. UNDP, UNICEF whose aim and objective are to save human lives. Seeking aid in form of sponsoring projects.

The FRSC efforts is quite encouraging. Let there be more effort towards achieving more.

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