Road safety for children

Road Safety For Children

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Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children. Children road traffic crashes comes with serious consequences on the child, family and friends. Record has it that up to two-thirds of all accidents involve children are pedestrian. Also most accident particularly involving children cyclist go unreported. Statistics further shows that road accident increases with child age especially in built up areas, even with low vehicular speed violation. The number of child accident is more with boys than girls while riding bicycle. But equal for both boy and girl child as car passenger. Road safety for children is meant to bring up and explain ways to improve road safety among children.

Challenges On Road Safety For Children

  • The small stature of children hid them behind cars
A child sitting at the back while pressing an iPad
  • Children don’t always wear seatbelt at rear seat of the vehicle
  • Children road sense or judgement and observance of safe pedestrian behavior is poor
  • Economic and social class of parents
  • Children are really accompanied by adults
  • Children are too playful, riding too fast, overtakes with cycles recklessly
Road safety for children playing on a road
  • Motor vehicle not having regard for the cyclist right of way

Prevention Of Child Accident

  • Ensure use of seatbelts for children at rear car seats
  • Construction of speed breakers, guard rails near crossing
  • Advising the authorities involved in the area that need signages
  • Ensure that drivers drive carefully
  • Drivers safety consciousness is vital while using the roads and to have more regards to other road users
  • Infants car seat should not be in front row or facing forward. But use the infant car seat facing the rear and at the back seat of your car.
  • Reform road traffic laws to be more effective
  • To ensure that children riding bicycle wear their safety helmet
Children with their bicycles
  • Improve enforcement on school buses sign and colours to be displayed on the vehicles.
  • Enforce low speed of vehicle in residential areas

General Enlightenment/Education

  • Road safety education to be given a better place in school curriculum teaching
  • Increase training for school children on traffic drills. That is how to cross the road safely
  • Education through paid adverts, media coverage, etc
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