Road safety challenge

Road Safety Challenge

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Road transportation is the most popular means of moving people and goods from one point to another. Approximately 90% of mobility is by road. Ensuring safety on the road is a task that must be done by all involved. However, efforts being made to reduce the risk of involving in road accident are been meted with various road safety challenge.

Common Challenge Of Road Safety


Funding is a Road safety challenge

Accident kills more than AIDS and malaria put together in most developing countries. Only f half of the funds given to AIDS are provided on reducing road traffic accident, much impact will be felt in the area of crash reduction. This could be in terms of endowment fund, private organizations supported and public spirited individuals. The funds can be used for road safety education and programs, road maintenance, etc.


Literacy a road safety challenge

There is low child enrollment in school in some developing countries and some other countries in the world. Also, there is low reading culture. This has impacted to the level of education and has therefore change values.

Lack Of Maintenance Culture

Some factors contributes to this lack of maintenance culture such as inflation, poor state of the roads, low per capita income and proliferation of substandard spare parts, all contributes to the increase in vehicle operating cost due to frequent repairs.

Judicial Inadequacies

judicial inadequacies

Road traffic law offenders are either let loose. Due to Inadequacies of the law or the penalty less felt


Laxity in the part of the law enforcement agencies responsible for ensuring safety on the roads

Lack Of Equipment

Inadequate operational and communications facilities that will enhance operations and rescue by the law enforcement agencies is a challenge of road safety

Driving School

road safety challenge by illegal bypass of driving school training

Illegal bypass of driving school training to obtain the certificate for driving license processing. Less equipment and low training.

Delusion Syndrome

Drivers reliance on coffee, kola, chewing gum,charms and so on while using the roads.

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