Angry behaviour by a driver, road rage

Road Rage

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Road rage refers to violent or angry behaviour exhibited by a driver of a vehicle which may result to a road crash. These behaviours includes verbal insults, driving dangerously, rude and offensive gestures that is targeted towards another driver or other road users such as, cyclist, pedestrians in an effort to intimidate or release frustration .

It is a reckless driving to injure or kill another driver. Also, can be thought of as an extreme case of aggressive driving. Moreso, road rage or road violence is the informal name for deliberate exhibition of dangerous and/or violent behaviour by a driver under the influence of heightened, violent emotion such as anger and frustration

Road rage driver

Causes Of Road Violence

  • Traffic congestion
  • Weather condition
  • Time constraints
  • Instructive responses. Action of retaliation to get back at another careless driver
  • Territorial defensiveness. Defending ones personal space (car space) in response to another person’s driving

Road Rage Signs

  • Aggressive driving which includes sudden acceleration, breaking and tailgating
  • Sounding the vehicle horn or flashing lights excessively
A driver sounding the vehicle horn steadily showing a sign of road rage
  • Cutting others off in a lane, or deliberately preventing someone from merging
  • Rude gesture such as pointing of the finger at another motorist
  • Verbal abuse or threat to other road users
  • Internationally causing collision between vehicles
  • Exiting the car to attempt to start a confrontation including striking someone else’s vehicle with an object or the palm
  • Threatening to use or using a firearm or other deadly weapon
  • Throwing projectiles from a moving vehicle with the intent of damaging other vehicle
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