Responsibilities of a good driver

Responsibilities Of A Good Driver

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Here we are to focus on professional and cooperate drivers. Responsibilities of a good driver refers to the duties and expectations from a driver.

Key Responsibilities Of A Good Driver

Maintenance and regular checks

  • The driver is to conduct regular checks on the vehicle to ensure it is functioning properly
  • keep a maintenance record in the vehicle log book
Responsibilities  of  a good driver includes maintenance and record keeping
  • Doing these save money, time, property and lives

Drivers safety consciousness

  • Ensure that traffic rules and regulations are obeyed in the interest of road safety
  • This will ensure that the highest standard of road safety is maintained at all times
  • Reduce crashes on the roads to a minimum

Drivers obligation fulfilled

  • No passenger will board a vehicle that he knows will terminate his life on transit or the journey that will not be successfully accomplished on schedule
Drivers contractual obligations fulfilled
  • No individual or organization will entrust his goods to any driver/organizations that would not deliver baggage safely. However, the driver owes a duty to fulfill contractual agreements paid for by prompt service delivery

Avoidance of fatigue

  • Drivers are advised not to embark on a journey –Drunk -fatigue -unwell

Report crash

  • It is the responsibility of a good driver to report crash to the nearest help area FRSC command or the police, for rescue operations also for record purposes

Report a fellow bad driver

  • Report non peaceful behaviour of a driver or passenger to the nearest FRSC or police command for prompt intervention.

Keep vehicle in good condition

 Responsibilities  of a good driver involves Keeping vehicle in good condition
  • Not cover his vehicle with obstructing stickers and ornaments
  • Subject vehicle to test
  • Repair malfunction parts

Health related issues

  • Informs the appropriate authority of any medical conditions, that may affect his job
  • Seeks corrections wherever necessary for instance, obtaining medical eye glasses in case of deteriorating eye sight

Safety devices maintenance

  • To ensure that all safety devices meant for the vehicle and its passengers are in place example –fire extinguisher -jack and wheel spanner – seatbelts – caution sign etc
Vehicle caution sign

Journey records

  • Have an appropriate record of his journey for -reflective considerations -record purposes
  • This is to ensure a better service delivery.

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