Qualities of a good driver

Qualities Of A Good Driver

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Qualities of a good driver can never be over emphasized and weather professional, cooperate or any kind of driver, there is an increase need to sharpen and enhance driver’s skills to meet new standards. However, a good Driver has to be safety conscious.

As it has been and most especially this recent times, there is a great demand for human capacity development to ensure good and appropriate knowledge, skills and proficiency in all area of endeavour. And driving is not an exception to this. Hence, the followings are the attributes of a exceptional driver.

Key qualities of a good driver

Qualities of a good driver by possession of drivers license
  • Must be neat and neatly dressed at all times
  • A good driver must be security conscious always to his property and to the vehicle occupants
  • Must be conscious of time
  • Be able to communicate effectively
  • Must be knowledgeable in routes, traffic signs and regulations and willing to obey them.
Obey traffic rules
  • Should always observe routine vehicle maintenance
  • Take care of his vehicle intimately
  • Should be able to carry out some minor do it yourself vehicle repairs
  • Practice defensive driving techniques as always
  • Must use safety seatbelt and advice occupants to use same always when driving
  • Ensure the vehicle is in good condition at all times
  • Always ensure that his tools kits, first aid bag, vehicle papers etc are intact for every journey.
  • Must possess a good knowledge of auto mechanics
A good driver must have knowledge of auto mechanics

In addition to the above mentioned general key qualities of a good driver, the following are the qualities of a good professional/corporate driver.

  • Must be courteous and respectful to his employer, peers and other road users
  • A good professional drivers must be able to understand the immediate boss very well and knows his regular routines
  • Must be a reliable person
  • Should possess a good interpersonal and intergroup relations
  • Must not be rowdy, loud and talkative
  • Take his job seriously
A serious driver

For more information read Responsibilities Of A Good Driver or visit https://www.theroadsafety.com

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