Prevention of road accidents showing traffic signs

Prevention Of Road Accidents

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Accidents are the major causes of death and disability. Prevention of road accidents is a must do. Avoidance of road crashes can be realized with concerted efforts by road users. Through proper education on the importance of obeying traffic rules and regulations, road signs, etc

Prevention of road accidents

Prevention of road accidents definition

A road accident is a road traffic incident which usually involves at least one vehicle being in collision with, either another vehicle, another road user or a stationary road side object and which may result in injury or property damage. However, the focus of this write-up is the prevention of road accident

How road accidents can be avoided

Avoidance of road accidents is achieved by these three major categories; drivers, vehicle manufacturers and government.


Prevention of road accidents by obeying traffic rules

Vehicle maintenance

  • Ensuring that all motor vehicle meet safety standards. Regardless of where the vehicles is made, sold or used. Including the provision of seatbelt and other basic safety facilities.
  • Continue to Improve vehicle safety by on-going research and development.
Proper vehicle maintenance


  • Treatment of the road surface to modify skid resistance.
  • Use special way to identify black spots.
  • Build Road drains and grooving for rain water run off.
  • Wide multi-lane roads with divided carnage way.
  • Relevant agencies must ensure quality control on type of vehicles imported. As well as the ban on the importation of substandard tyres.
  • Government should rise up to the challenge of providing better and motorable roads across the country so as to reduce crashes occasioned by bad roads and reduce cost on vehicle maintenance.
Construction  of good road
  • There must be on covering of road signs and symbols with political and or other posters.

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