Parking regulations

Parking Regulations

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Parking regulations are the rules guiding the act of stopping a vehicle and leaving it unoccupied for more than a brief time. Everywhere in the world there are traffic rules and regulations guiding the use of the roads. So it is against the law to park a vehicle at the middle of the road. However, parking on one or both sides of a road is commonly permitted, except indicated.

Basic Modes of Parking

Parallel parking:

Parking regulations with parallel parking

-In this type, cars arranged in a line at one side of the road, bumper to bumper -The side of each car parked is parallel with the side of the road -Most common mode of street parking

Perpendicular parking

Parking regulations with perpendicular parking

-cars are parked side by side that is perpendicular to the road curb (kerb) or wall. -this type is commonly used in a parking lots


Parking regulations with angular parking

-this type is similar to perpendicular parking. Cars are parked not perpendicular but at angle to the road curb or wall. -also very common in car parking lots.

Categories of parking

Drivers safety consciousness is vital to every driver even while parking the vehicle along the road. Parking in Nigeria is legally divided into three categories; parking, standing or stopping.

Parking regulations with no stopping

A “NO STOPPING” sign means you are not allowed to stop except to obey a traffic sign signal or officer, or to avoid conflict with other vehicle.

Parking regulations with no parking

A “NO PARKING” sign means you may stop only temporary to load or unload goods or passenger(s).

no standing sign on display

A “NO STANDING” sign means you can drop off or pick passengers up but not to load or unload any goods from the vehicle.

Parking, Stopping Or Standing Is Not Allowed In These Places.

All over the world, parking, stopping or standing is not allowed in the following places

  • Parking is not allowed on a road side of a packed vehicle “double parking”
  • On a crosswalk or on a side walk
  • Near road excavations or construction site
  • On a railroad tracks
  • In a tunnel or on a bridge.
  • Within 10 meters of a pedestrian safety zone unless another distance is marked.
  • In front of a drive way
  • Within 10 meters of a traffic light, stop sign or yield sign
  • Parking is not allowed within 6 meters of a crosswalk at an intersection
  • Within 6 meters of a fire station driveway or within 25 meters on the opposite side of the road.
  • Also, within 15 meters of a railroad crossing.

What a wrongful parking can result to

Towing a wrongly parked vehicle
  • Any driver that parks wrongly risk having his vehicle towed
  • Upon collecting the vehicle, the owner has to pay for the vehicle to be released.
  • Also, parking vehicle carelessly can result to damage to the vehicle.
  • Can result to traffic jam.
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