National Road Safety Strategy

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The National Road Safety Strategy is a concept, a document or proposal that covers the growing national consciousness on issues of road safety, this spirit of collective responsibility and determination to reduce the level of road traffic crashes and ensure that neither deaths nor serious injuries result from these crashes. Various countries have their own national road safety strategy and the target years. In Nigeria, the National Road Safety Strategy(NRSS) has a vision of a country where Road Traffic Crashes result to no death and a goal of reducing road traffic crash fatality rate by 35% in 2020.

NRSS 2016-2020 is the end product from all inclusive process with stakeholders drawn from both public and private sectors. This strategy document makes a detailed exposition of all distressing issues that have contributed to the present high rate road carnage. The beauty of the new arrangement is that States and local governments will take and implement their own responsibilities under NRSS, making road safety management a national task. Key responsibilities are spelt out and road safety target set annually and states will key in towards a new level of collaboration with FRSC. The NRSS highlights the current road safety situation in the country; intervention strategies, road safety management monitoring and evaluation framework

Strategies Adopted To Achieve National Road Safety Strategy

  • Establishment of central database of road traffic data
  • Review and upgrade road standards
  • Promotion of construction and maintenance of road and the road network to meet mobility and access needed of all road users
  • Capacity building for comprehensive inspection of all vehicle imports
  • Awareness campaign on proper road use and improved responsiveness to post crash emergencies.
  • Identification and deployment of funds to identified strategic activities

The development of the NRSS is in response to the UN Decade of action declaration for road safety (2011-2020) which demanded that member countries should develop a strategy to provide a direction towards achieving the vision for safety, using the safe system approach. It was also necessitates by the country capacity review (CCR) conducted by the world bank in 2010 to measure Nigerian capacity to decline on road safety

The National Road Safety Strategy Frame Work

To sustain the Nigerian road safety strategy process and move the country closer to achieving its road safety vision- “road traffic crash resulting in no death”. The NRSS has been developed and will be managed through a set of framework that will ensure accountability, transparency and focus on road safety

Strategic Management

It involves blue print to guide road safety. Organized into a hierarchy of vision, goal, purpose, output and strategic activities.

Activity Management

Activities required to achieve the goal and deliver the output are executed and established of the national road safety advisory council (NARSAC)

Outcome Assessment

Guidance for the assessment projection and measurement of benefits of implemented strategies

Performance Management

Set of clear performance indication system (PIS) to monitor progress. These may be adjusted as may be required and has clearly spelt out accountabilities.

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