Motor vehicle parts

Motor Vehicle Parts

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Motor vehicle parts are the major groupings of vehicle parts according to their functions.

Motor Vehicle Parts: Vehicle definition

A vehicle is a movable thing used for transporting people or goods, especially on land, from one point to the other.

Motor vehicle definition

It is a machine which incorporates a motor(engine) and some casing, usually of metal or fibre used for transportation. Land vehicle are usually with wheels. And usually operates on roads. Example, automobiles, bus,trucks, motorized bicycle. An automobile or a motor car is a wheeled motor vehicle for transporting passengers and goods which also carries its own engine. Vehicles have many safety problems; human drivers who can make mistakes, wheels can loose traction when breaking, turning or accelerating, forces are too high.

What Are The Motor vehicle parts component

Body and chassis system Engine system Electrical system Power train system Emission control system Tyre Accessories

Body and chassis:

The body and chassis support and enclose parts of the vehicle. They serves as an attractive covering for the chassis. Forms the passenger compartment.

Engine system:

Engines are basically located in the front of chassis. Provides the energy to propel the vehicle and operate other systems. Most vehicle engines consumes petrol or diesel fuel. The fuel burns in the engine to produce heat which causes expansion and pressure.

Electrical system:

The electrical system comprises of the ignition system. Needed on petrol engines to ignite the air-fuel mixture. Starting system has an electrical motor that rotates the engine crankshaft until. Charging system is needed to replace the electrical energy drown from the battery during starting operation. Computer systems uses electronic and electrical devices to help improve efficiency.

Power train system:

Power train simply refers to the engine and transmission, including the other components only if they are integral to the transmission.

Emission control system:

The emission control system is the vehicle component responsible for reducing air pollution.


Tyres are ring shaped either pneumatic or solid. That is, including the rubber, metals and plastic composition.

Motor vehicle parts showing tyre

Accessories :

Optional parts of the vehicle that fitted to perform an additional function or enhanced performance like the vehicle 2 vehicle communication system

In summary

With a better understanding of motor vehicle parts and their functions, drivers will have a better understanding of how the various parts in a vehicle operates.

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