Motor vehicle Necessities

Motor Vehicle Necessities

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Some minor and major issues can crop up while moving with a vehicle. Motor vehicle necessities are those important things that are needed in a vehicle like Jack and wheel spanner, fire extinguisher, etc

The Motor Vehicle Necessities

However to have a successful trip, the following items are vital in a motor vehicle. Fire extinguisher, Wheel spanner and Jack, C-caution, Hydraulic, Transmission fluid, torch light, spare fan belt, tow rope, first aid kit, spare tyre, water, etc.

Fire extinguisher:

Using fire extinguisher to fight car fire being one of the motor vehicles Necessities

The fire extinguisher is one of the motor vehicle necessities. It is an active fire prevention device that can be used to put off small fire in an emergency situation. Good to know that the dry chemical powder type is recommended for automobiles fire.

Jack and wheel spanner:

Jack and wheel spanner is another motor vehicle necessities. A jack is a portable device used for raising a motor vehicle. While wheel spanner is a tool used for loosening or tightening wheel nuts.


C-caution is a triangular reflector with a sitting base used by a motorist to warn others in case of a vehicle break down. Every vehicle on the road is supposed to have at least two c-caution sign.

A C-caution sign is one of the motor vehicle necessities

How to deploy c-caution triangle

when a vehicle broke down on a highway, a c-caution sign is to be placed 45m before and 45m after the breaken down vehicle

On an expressway the first sign should be deployed 100m before putting the c-caution triangle to ensure visibility

First aid kit

The first aid kit contain items that are used for emergency treatment on an accident victim before taking the person to the hospital. First aid kit contains the following; razor blade, cotton wool, pair of scissors, safety pins, iodine, bandages, antiseptic, paracetamol, splints, plastic, etc.

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