Marijuana and driving

Marijuana And Driving

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Marijuana, cannabis, weed or Indian hemp refers to the plant(leaves, flowers, stems and seeds) from the cannabis sativa plant. The plant contains the tetrahydrocannabinol which alters human mind. It is the most commonly used psychotropic after alcohol in most countries of the world. Marijuana and driving refers to the effects of marijuana consumption on driving. It also involves how the intake of it affects the behavioural pattern of driver’s while using the roads.

Marijuana and driving

The intake of marijuana affects areas of the brain that controls the body’s movements, balance, coordination, memory and judgment abilities as well as sensations.

Marijuana And Driving Effects

A meta-analysis of approximately 60 experimental studies including laboratory driving simulator and on the road experiments, found that behavioural and cognitive skills related to driving performance were impaired in a dose-dependent fashion with increasing marijuana blood levels.

Record from experiments on both real and simulated driving studies indicates that marijuana can negatively impact on driver’s attentiveness, perception of time and speed and the ability to draw on information obtained through past experiences.

Research shows that impairment increases significantly when marijuana use is combined with alcohol.

Marijuana and driving combined with alcohol

Moreso, the user driver is still likely to suffer proper driving coordination issue even after the marijuana highness is gone. It’s as bad as that.

General Effects Of Marijuana

  • Mood alteration
  • Impaired memory coordination and self perception
  • Depletes body’s immune system response to infections
  • Triggers mental problems normally refers to as madness
  • Increase heartbeat and blood pressure
  • Destroys the testes in men
  • Affects unborn babies resulting low birth weight and small heads at birth, if born to mothers who smoke Indian hemp.
  • Decreases ovulation and increases menstrual irregularities in women
  • Increases apathy
  • Triggers lungs diseases such as cancer, chest pain, bronchitis
A damaged lungs due to marijuana intakes
  • Results in loss of ambition and effectiveness
  • Diminishes ability to carry out long term plans
  • Increases sexual drive
  • Predisposes abusers to irresponsible sexual behaviors, thus exposing them to STD’s including HIV/AIDS and subsequent death

Good to note that these general effects of marijuana directly or indirectly affects driving behaviour of the driver involved. Hence there is a great need for defensive driving practice.

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