Make a U-turn sign

Make A U-Turn

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U-turn is a 180° turn executed to proceed in the opposite direction. The u-turn is one of the road traffic signs under prohibitory signs.

Where Not To Make A U-turn

Make a U-turn is not acceptable

Drivers should not make it;

  • On a highway
  • Near the crest of a hill or a curve
  • Where “No U-turn” signs are posted
  • Around any place where other drivers cannot see your vehicle from about 200 meters away from any direction.
  • In a very busy road or business districts

Where To Make it

  • Where there exist sign for it
 A U-turn sign
  • When you are given the go-ahead by a green arrow left-turn traffic signal.
  • While using a parking lot
  • When the driver re-entered the road ways going forward, not backward.
  • You execute it only from the left portion of the lane closest to the center line of the roadway, never from the right lane.

How To Make A U-turn

Unless it is prohibited, it maybe used around a narrow, two way street. And except where it is indicated not to, it can be executed at any turn. In a right hand drive country like Nigeria, the following is how to make it

  • While approaching the place you intend to turn, indicate with your left directional
  • Then pull over to the left and stop.
  • Check carefully for approaching traffic
  • Turn left, cross the road so you come to a stop while facing the kerb or edge of the road
  • Check again for traffic
  • Turn your steering wheel as far to the right as possible, then back up to the right kerb or edge of the road.
  • Stop, check again for other traffic, then pull away from the kerb.

Note that this practical step is applicable to countries that use left hand drive like Nigeria.

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