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Lets Correct Human Factor, Crashes Will Be Reduced

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In road transportation, there are three basic components forming the tripod of road transportation. They are; the Road (the environmental), the vehicle(the mechanical) and the driver (human factor). However, the most common cause of road crashes among the three is the driver, that is the human factor.

The Human Factor

Like earlier said, the human factor is the most rampant cause of road traffic crashes. Drivers must adhere to the following standard to ensure safety of lives and properties while using the road.


Driving car is never the time to solve business or family problems, plan a trip, daydream or read something other than posted signs. You need to continually concentrate on what is happening in front of you, behind you and to both sides of you.

using phone while driving is Human Factor

Safe drivers have an alert attitude. As you drive down street or highway, your eyes should scan the area around you. As an alert driver, you should drive ahead of your car. Noting the curve down the road, the slow moving truck on the hill ahead, or the car coming towards the street from a shopping centre or side road.

On a long trip if you find yourself going through the motions of driving without really being aware of what you are doing or what is happening around you, it is time to quit for a rest or may be for the day

Health Condition

There are many temporary physical conditions that should cause a driver to think twice before driving. If you are sick or if you are recovering from an illness, ask yourself if you really feel up to the task of driving, especially on a long trip. Some physical conditions may cause such serious problems that you must get medical clearance to be issued a driver license.

Some medications seriously impair driving ability by lowering your judgements, reducing vision or slowing reactions. If you are taking medications, such drugs that have side effects and how they could hurt your safe driving ability.

Drinking alcohol can also cause drivers to behave in a dangerous manner. If you are tired or are taking any medicine or drugs, these may add to the effect of alcohol on your driving ability.

Driving in traffic, you must do more than obey the rules of the road to avoid collision. You must drive defensively. This means you must drive to avoid collisions in spite of the mistakes of other drivers or poor driving conditions caused by road, weather, traffic or reduced visibility situations.


When a person is tired, his degree of concentration and reaction time are drastically reduced. In some cases, fatigue is known to be responsible for the driver’s loss of temper and rash decisions.

another Human Factor is fatigue

Safe Distance

When a driver makes a mistake, other drivers need time to react and it’s by leaving plenty of space between your car and the car around you. Maintaining a safe distance protects you from others.

Communication With Other Road Users

Collisions often happen because one driver does not see another driver. If a driver drives in a way the other driver does not expect, a collision can occur. It is important to let the other driver know where you are what you plan to do. Drivers can let other drivers know where they are by

  • Using head lights
  • Using horn
  • Putting your car where it can be seen
  • Using your hazard lights when needed

Avoiding Collisions

If despite all you have done, it looks like a collision may occur, there are still things you can do. In avoiding a collision, a driver has three tools to use- stopping quickly, turning quickly and speeding up quickly

rivers must avoid collision

Stopping Quickly

To stop quickly in an emergency, pump the brake by pushing the pedal hard and then letting up as the car begins to skid. Then push it down again. Use quick action until you stop the car. If you have anti-lock braking system(ABS), keep a steady hard pressure, do not pump the pedal

Turning Quickly

if you see that you will not stop in time to avoid hitting something, turn away fro. It. Run off the road if you have to. If you can, stay off the brake. This lessens the chances of a skid. Be aware of oncoming cars and the cars following you. Try to avoid turning into any other driver’s path

Speeding Up Quickly

Sometimes you need to speed up quickly to avoid getting hit. This may happen when another car is about to hit you from the side or from the side or from behind.

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