Learner’s Permit In Nigeria

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Learner’s permit in Nigeria and the condition to issue it is to be look into. Learning how to drive is becoming a necessity. If not for another thing, you might be required to save a situation by driving. But people must ensure that they pass through the required process of learning how to drive. An not by trial and error. Take for instance, Junior has learnt to wash daddy’s car. From washing daddy’s car he starts the car moves it and begins to drive. Wrong! Another, from being a motor boy(conductor), he learned how to move the truck and just like that, he starts driving. No!

Get learner's permit and not driving from washing a car.

People need a good training from an approved authority. So that they dont miss the important point from a certified instructor; theory and practical. The purpose of learners permit in Nigeria is thesame anywhere around the world. However, there may be little difference in the requirement for the learner’s permit. State like Georgia in United States allows applicant to obtain learners permit at 15 years but must be under the supervision of somebody sitting next to the learner. The person must be above 21 years. Who has their license and is physically able to drive at the time.

Georgia learner's permit is 15 years and above

A learner’s permit according to FRSC is an initial authorization by law permitting an intending driver’s license applicant to proceed on the first instance with requisite training for a period not less than 3 months from the date of issue. The learners permit is to be renewed two times before applying for a drivers license. This means that the learner must pass through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd issue. Each for a period of 3 months.

Condition To Issue A Learner’s Permit

  • The applicant must not be less than 18 years of age or above 70 years
  • Obtain form MVA 15
  • Pay prescribed fee at about a thousand naira depending on the state
  • Attend a certified driving school
  • Must obtain a pass from driving school with third issue learners permit.
  • Drive for at least 3 months accompanied by an instructor who is a licensed driver
  • Affix plates displaying the red “L” on the front and rear of the vehicle
A woman standing close to an SUV given thumbs up to an L symbol on the vehicle

Note: All applicants for learners permit must in addition obtain a copy of the highway code and posses adequate knowledge.

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