Known styles of driving

Known Styles Of Driving

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Driving styles has to do with the way a driver handles a vehicle. The physical and emotional condition of the driver plays a big role while driving. The known styles of driving are

Offensive Driving

Know styles of driving with offensive driving
  • Offensive driving is used when there is no escape
  • It is used to run away from danger
  • Sighting the enemy, the driver rams his car through the vehicle used by the enemy to block the road thereby creating a passage using his first gear(low gear)
A car passing in-between two cars blocking the driver
  • Use of head on collision. It is a negotiating tactics used when you are threatened to stop. You try as much as possible to collide with the perceived enemy vehicle but swerve off at the last second. This will scare and disorient the enemy
  • Driving off the road technique. This is used when the enemy pull level with ones vehicle instructing one to park. The driver should pretend to obey and then he gauges the situation properly then take off.
  • Counter crowding driving techniques is used if the enemy’s vehicle crowded around the drivers vehicle. Then the driver should aim for the door of gunman of the enemy car he would find it difficult to shoot. And once the driver’s car is damaged in the process, the enemy losses interest in the car
  • When trailing car is following your car. Drive into a police station to report the trailing car. Give the detail of the trailing car but if police station is not nearby do not allow enemy to overtake you. Drive zigzag on the road.

Evasive driving

There are ways of evasive driving and they are

The Bootlegger turn.

This type of turn is named after the maneuver Bootleggers who were smuggling alcohol and use to avoid police officers at the time of prohibition. The driver must engage the vehicle gear into a lower gear and quickly turn the wheel in the direction of the opposite lane. The intention is to reverse the direction of travel of a forward-moving automobile by 180 degrees facing the opposite direction and continues the movement

J Turn

This involves the driver throwing the car into reverse movement on sighting the enemy, turns sharply and the car will spin 180° and the vehicle will face backward

Off The Road

Off the road recovery driving is executed by the driver when a road block has been mounted and you feel you can still run off to the road shoulder and re-enter behind obstacle

Defensive Driving

This is one of the known styles of driving that involves some dos and don’ts

Known styles of driving with Defensive driving technique
  • Do not provoke or be provoked while driving
  • Driving in such a way that you get to your destination without abusing your vehicle, road and other road users
  • Drive safely by all means.
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