Information abuse

Information Abuse

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Information abuse is something that everybody must be watchful at all times. Drivers need to know that they can aid criminals by releasing certain information unknowingly. The aim of this piece is to arm drivers to be at alert and guard against disclosing certain information about their boss.

Tips On Avoiding Information Abuse

  • Drivers must guard against flippant talks
  • Do not disclose unwarranted information
  • You as a driver must watch out when anyone tries to blackmail you in other to obtain information about your boss, please report to the management or the boss immediately.
  • Always protect every information about your boss.
  • Be careful about -what you say -when you say it -how you say -whom you say it to
  • Also beware of unsolicited favours. It could be a way of buying you over.
  • Do not give your boss’s address or business card to anyone without his consent or authorization.
  • Never you brag about your relationship with your boss.

Guard these Documents in the vehicle

Drivers should as a matter of responsibility guard these documents for his boss

  • Personal letters
  • Blank forms of whatever category
  • Letter headed paper
  • Research and policy decisions
  • Technical operations procedures

Expectations from drivers

  • Promote the organization’s image and importance through -effective security -awareness –vehicle maintenance and sanitation effort.
  • Carrying out management instructions on vehicle/occupants security and safety within and outside organization’s premises
  • Keep proper records of the organization’s -vehicle spare parts -materials -equipment
  • For this is to reduce loss and to help the organization safe keeping of information, assets,etc.
  • Driver should practice good public relations while driving, including the safe keeping of your boss forgotten property.

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