How To Be A Better Driver

How To Be A Better Driver

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Human beings usually want to improve in any area of endeavour. How to be a better driver refers to improving human driving skills and development to ensure good and appropriate knowledge, skills and proficiency. Hence, will be explained in details

Requirements On Becoming A Better Driver

1) Physical requirements

To be a better driver, you must

  • Be hale and hearty
Hale and hearty driver
  • Be strong and be able to perform tasks such as sitting, standing, walking, knocking, bending, talking, etc
  • Have good eye sight
  • Have good hearing
  • Be alert always both physically and mentally

2) Knowledge And Education Is One Of The Requirements On Becoming A Better Driver

The biggest problem of any driver in the present is ignorance which may be occasioned by lack of requisite awareness and access to information. However, to be a better driver, you must be quite educated and knowledgeable in the following areas

A) Road Traffic Rules And Regulations

Traffic rules and regulations were meant to promote and enhance orderliness as well as positive behavioural culture of drivers. It is meant to be obeyed and to follow a particular procedure laid down for adherence.

B) Automobile Mechanic Skills

Good knowledge on automobile mechanics

should be able to perform minor tasks such as identifying problem areas of a vehicle when the need arises. ability to use the basic hand tools in case the vehicle stalls suddenly, is of paramount advantage ability to carry out routine checks on vehicles

C) Knowledgeable In The Route Patronized

being familiar with the route(s) he plies ensure high degree of balance in driving eliminates surprises that may ordinarily result into crash knows his location in relation to the environment and other alternative routes identifying in very limited time Help area(hospital location) of FRSC or police commands.

D) Meets Required Licensing Standards

should obtain the appropriate drivers license posses necessary certificate(s) for vehicles, example road worthiness, hackney permit. suitable insurance of vehicle

D) First Aid And Casualty Handling

Handling an accident casualty

most be knowledgeable in the rudiments of first aid and casualty handling.

F) Fire Prevention And Fighting

should know how to prevent automobile fire outbreak know how to use fire extinguisher to effect, in case of outbreak

3) Another Requirement On How To Be A Better Driver Is Good Sense Of Judgment, Not Panicky

  • Be quick to reasoning
  • Drive with your eyes
  • Sees with your mind
  • Always at alert to avert calamitous circumstances

4) Good Listener

  • Listen to your vehicle for any change in sound to intervene in case of malfunctioning of any parts
  • Listen to the occupants of your vehicle (if any) when observations are made either in respect of your driving or your vehicle condition behaviour

5) Ensure the occupants comfort and safety

Ensure occupants comfort and safety
  • Ensures that the occupants use seatbelt
  • Should also appreciate sanctity of lives and must be ready to preserve them always

6) Creativity, Endurance And Humbleness

  • Make adjustment whenever the needs arises
  • Not naughty or quick to anger
  • Humbleness

7) Good Sense Of Planning

  • Plan your journey. To avoid unnecessary over-speeding and fatigue.
  • Takes off and arrives to time

6) Neatness

  • Has to be neat always and not looking tattered
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