Heavy duty trucks

Heavy Duty Trucks

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Heavy duty trucks are motor vehicles designed for hefty work. Most heavy duty vehicles are powered by diesel engines.

Heavy Duty Trucks guidelines

The followings are the rules with heavy duty trucks

  • While coming behind a heavy duty vehicle make sure that you give enough gap and know which way the vehicle is turning by observing its signals or otherwise.
  • Smaller vehicles should not linger beside large vehicle, they may not be seen by the driver incase of maneuvering a turn(roundabout).
  • Horn and move fast while overtaking

Stopping before and behind a truck

  • Other vehicles should always leave reasonable space when stopping behind a truck at a traffic light or stop sign, especially when facing uphill.
  • Always look out through your rearview mirror for a truck that is too close to your vehicle. You may pull out so as to allow the truck to go especially when facing down hill.
  • Record has shown that in many fatal crashes involving cars and large trucks, the car driver rather than the truck driver may contribute more to the cause of the crash.

So many crashes could be avoided if motorists know about trucks limitations and how to steer clear of unsafe/blind spots of large vehicles.

Heavy duty trucks have limitations
  • Usually 4 out of 5 car-truck traffic crashes, the car driver is usually killed not the truck driver.
  • Large trucks are not simply big cars, the bigger they are, the; -more room they needed to maneuver -wider than blind spots – longer it takes them to stop -longer it takes them to stop -the longer it takes a smaller vehicle to pass them

Heavy duty trucks blind spot

  • Heavy duty trucks have -deep blind spot directly in front of them -longer blind spot on both sides than cars. Do please stay out of these ‘zones’.
  • The possibility of a traffic crash may increase. If smaller vehicles stay in the rear blind spot of a large truck. The heavy duty truck driver can not see a car and your view of the traffic will be cut off.
Heavy duty trucks rear blind spot

Stopping distance

  • Heavy duty trucks takes longer time to stop than a car traveling at the same speed
  • Brake lag is where the difference comes from, which is unique to trucks.
  • The only way out is to leave plenty of space between your car and the truck
  • If you are in front of a truck. Indicate your intention to turn or change lanes earlier and avoid sudden moves.
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