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FRSC Recruitment 2020?

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FRSC Recruitment 2020? The Federal Road Safety Corps is a lead agency in traffic management in Nigeria. Strives on daily basis to improve and deliver more excellent operational and services to the general public.

The Federal Road Safety Corps Act, 2007 empowers the Corp on the responsibilities for traffic management, prevention and minimizing crashes on the highways. Also, the supervision of users of such highways. Including educating drivers, motorists and other members of the public generally on the proper use of the highways, traffic rules and regulations, and so on. Based on peoples demand to know if FRSC recruitment 2020 is in progress. We decided to find out if there is ongoing recruitment in the Corps.

FRSC Is Not Recruiting Presently

Fleet of FRSC vehicles on display

Presently, the authorities involved confirmed that there is no recruitment going on. And warned the general public not to be mislead. You can check from any of FRSC office or visit their official website for further confirmation.

Notification Upon FRSC Recruitment

Upon the commencement of FRSC Recruitment, there will be proper and adequate notification from the corps as usual. Through their website and other electronics and print media. Road Safety Tips Blog assures interested candidates on any information regarding FRSC recruitment. However, there will be prompt information dissemination in respect of that upon confirmation.

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