Executive protection driving training

Executive Protection Driving Training

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The security and safety of passengers and goods in the car is in the hands of the driver at all times. Hence, the executive protection driving training was brought up to arm executives drivers. Also to enhance drivers safety consciousness at all times.

The executive driving tactics is vital, for the boss driver needs to be security conscious always. When the driver saves his boss life or that of the members of his/her family, he has saved the organization, himself, as well as his livelihood.

Executive Protection Driving Threat

We can not talk about executive protection driving training without bringing the issue of security threat in driving. Security threat can be anything that endangers or exposes a target to danger. Which may affect life, property and information. Security threat can be categorized into; vehicle condition, executive protection driving security and safety habits at work, travel patterns and crime and information abuse.

Vehicle condition threat

Executive protection driving training for vehicle maintenance
  • Drivers are expected to ensure that the vehicle they drive is in top performance condition.
  • Otherwise there will be disappointments in the time of emergency, where it is expected to save lives, property and information.
  • Things like engine oil, oil level and leakage, electrolyte level on battery, etc should be checked always.

Executive protection driving Security and safety habits at work

  • Drivers should know that what they do at work and how they do it affect their life, the life of their boss with his/her family and finally, the vehicle they drive.
  • This is because criminals are always studying your behaviour on what you say and where you go.
  • Always ensure that the vehicle doors are under lock and key anytime you leave the vehicle. Avoid displaying luggage and valuables in the car while out of the car. Take them with you or lock them up inside boot.
Executive protection driving training. A locked car

Travel patterns and crime

  • Threat in this area are mostly related to what the driver and boss(family) do on daily basis, while in transit.
  • Most attacks are done while in transit.
  • The driver is advised to study his boss very well and build a travel pattern that is unpredictable.

Information abuse

  • Drivers should not succumb to certain question that is meant to squeeze out information from them.
  • Drivers are to guard against flippant talks. Do not disclose unwarranted information.

Finally, the good driver needs to be security conscious on all angles always.

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