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Here Are The Approved Driving Tips

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Nobody wishes to embark on unsuccessful journey. But the way and manner we go about it determines weather the journey will be successful or not. The need to embark on a successful trip is what necessitated this Driving Tips. There is a great difference between a careless driver and a reckless driver. A reckless driver is the driver of a vehicle who disobeyed traffic rules and regulations while using the road and thereby causing road traffic accident. While a careless driver is the driver who caused crash due to careless actions or negligence. The negligence of a careless driver includes not carrying out some necessary vehicle maintenance.

Driving Tips

  • Check the level of engine oil in the sump, using dip stick
  • Check water level in the radiator. If needed flush the radiator water and add coolant to reduce heat.
  • The belt has to be checked for tension and cuts
  • Check for tyre pressure, depth of threads and alignment. Ensure your tyres have not expired. Tyre expires after three or four years of manufacturing.
  • Check the lightening system, that is the headlamps, side lamps, signal indicators. Bulbs not lighting. Check if the bulbs loose contact otherwise change it
  • Check the horns
  • Ensure the brakes are in good condition including Jack and wheel spanners and the likes. Reflective triangle and fire extinguisher should be available also.
  • Check shocks and camber bushing and ensure that they are in good condition
  • Vehicle not moving smooth. Engine picks and drops current frequently or stop. Just gently tap on the top of carburetor float chamber with a piece of iron or wood to dislodge dirt blocking fuel flow
  • Engine not accelerating smoothly, becomes difficult to start. The exhaust sound becomes pulsating instead of smooth. Check the plugs. Likely they are bad.
  • Ensure that the occupants in a vehicle are under seatbelt. Under age children should be seated and monitored. They should not be allowed to be doing anyhow they like inside a moving car.

The video below shows a child of about 4 years old lying on the rear deck/dash of a MOVING car. Hope you can imagine the possible dangers.

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