Driving security tips

Driving Security Tips

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There are challenges in virtually anything human beings do. And driving is not an exception when it comes to security issues. Hence this topic on driving security tips came up. However, the challenges majorly comes in the form of attacks.

Methods Of Driving Attacks

  • Assassination
  • Physical rough handling
  • Armed robbery attack
  • Sudden opening of car door by attacker in traffic jams
Driving security tips car attacks
  • Damage to property, planting of bomb

Important Driving Security Tips

  • Drivers and executives should undergo training on –defensive driving -anti terrorism strategy
  • Trying to avoid routine types and pattern of travel
  • Avoid too lonely road. Keep to established well traveled roads.
  • Avoid driving in remote areas after dark
  • Every occupant of the vehicle must be under seatbelt
  • Park vehicle at secured places that are either locked or watched
  • Never park overnight on street
  • Drivers should avoid driving closely behind other vehicles, especially trucks
  • Beware of activities or road conditions earlier enough before approaching
  • Never overload a vehicle for easy manoeuvring.
An overloaded vehicle not good for driving security alertness
  • Handle your key carefully
  • Keep the ignition key separate from other keys
  • Don’t give lift to persons you don’t know very well. Even person you know can also be a collaborator to snatch your car. Be careful!
  • Dont accept items like sweet, food, biscuits, from stranger
  • Fuel tank is at least half-filled
  • Avoid traveling at night. Help can not be easily to get
  • Dont take alcohol. It reduces security consciousness
  • Women should handle their bags properly wearing expensive jewelry should be avoided
  • Do not expose money that you carry
A surprise look by the driver of a car after his car was burgled
  • Upon noticing that you been trailed, dominate the main road and drive more to the center of the road till you get to safe place
  • keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you along the main road
  • Let the aggressive drivers overtake and be cautious when they do
  • Beware of distractions when you are held up or stationary
  • Avoid stopping side-by-side with another vehicle
  • Drivers should be conscious of vehicle that draw up alongside you. Stagger or offset your position when you can
  • During the journey identify -escape lane -roundabouts -junctions to utilize if you sense you are being followed
  • On traffic jam try roll up windows that hand can not enter easily
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