Driving emergency management

Driving Emergency Management

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Drivers make emergency response immediately they discovered a sudden occurrence that could cause problems. Driving emergency management is the prevention or immediate action required to prevent and reduce the effects of an emergency on lives and property. A well grounded driver that knows about defensive driving techniques will not have difficulties in handling emergency situations.

Driving emergency under snow weather condition

Types of driving emergency

  • Natural/environmental emergency
  • Man-made emergency

Natural/Environmental emergency

Driving emergency situation approaching a felled tree
  • Rain storm/wind
  • Black spots
  • Falling rocks

Man-made emergency

  • Road crash
  • Armed robbery
  • Fire incidents
  • Broken-down vehicles
  • Bond threat
  • Political
  • Social disorder
  • Animal crossing
A broken down car blocking part of the road showing man-made driving emergency situation

How To Handle Driving Emergency

Driving emergency management is achievable through the following measures

  • Be bold and confidence
  • Don’t panic
  • Maintain vehicle always
  • Identify escape route
  • Apply good sense of judgment
  • Be vigilant
  • Be at alert
  • Fuel your vehicle well, at least half filled tank always
Avoiding driving emergency by ensuring vehicle refuelling
  • Be prepared to avoid problems
  • Be ready to use your vehicle as a weapon(read, known styles of driving)
  • Always expect emergency so that you can escape death
  • Failure to plan means planning to fail.
  • Control speed as it will definitely reduce high risk of being involved in road crash during an emergency

For more information read, drivers safety consciousness

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