Drivers security safety measures at work

Drivers Security/Safety Measures At Work

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The drivers security/safety measures at work is one of the areas drivers can checkmate security threats and enhance executive protection in driving. What the driver does at work and how he goes about doing it is very important. The drivers Security and Safety measures if not handled well will affects; his life, the life of his boss with his/her family and the vehicle he drives. Why? Because criminals are not resting. They always study your behaviour as in what you say and where you go. So that you, your boss/family or the vehicle can be an easy prey.

What Are The Drivers Security/Safety Measures at work ?

Car doors: The vehicle doors must be under lock and key anytime you leave the car no matter how short the time maybe.

Drivers Security/Safety measures at work

Luggage and valuables: All luggage and valuables should not be left on display in a vehicle.

Strangers Watch: -You should watch out for people showing too much interest in your car. -Some may be thinking of how to steal it. If you suspect any of them, report to the police.

Ignition: Always remove the key even when your car is parked in your boss’s yard.

Pedal lock: Pedal lock should be used always.

Drivers Security/Safety measures at work, the pedal lock

Vehicle Documents: Vehicle documents must not be left inside the car, go along with it.

Picking strangers: Avoid picking strangers that you don’t know. Many have entered different trouble with that.

Keys: -Never join your car key with your home keys. -Also never leave your car keys with the mechanics.

Overload: Do not overload your vehicle

Driving close: Avoid driving very close to other vehicles

Trailing vehicle: Always take cognizance of the vehicle trailing you behind.

Flammable materials: Keep flammable materials from heat. For instance, having power generating set with fuel in the boot of your car.

Storing petroleum: Drivers must avoid storing of petroleum products in a container in the car

Drivers Security/Safety measures at work but avoid alcohol or drugs influence

Alcohol/drug Influence: Drivers must not drive under the influence of alcohol/drugs or in depressed state of mind.

Collecting parcels: Avoid collecting parcels on behalf of your boss when he is not around from unidentified person.

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