Drivers Safety Consciousness

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Drivers Safety Consciousness means awareness of hazards and alertness to danger. This has a strong influence on the actions of an individual because of his desire to remain alive and uninjured. Drivers need to develop alertness and make Safety a Value if improved safety awareness must be achieved. This involves inculcating in them an improved driving skills and attitudes that includes tolerance. Also, putting into consideration on other road users as well as motor vehicle maintenance and handling technique .

Drivers safety consciousness

We learn throughout our lives. All learning require a positive attitude and an awareness of just what it is that has to be learnt. Some people have an unrealistic high opinion of their own abilities, on attitude that may prove disastrous both for themselves and other road users. Improving drivers safety awareness can also be achieved through public enlightenment. Road Safety Enlightenment can be a purposeful attempt to inform, persuade and motivate a population(or sub group of a population) to change its attitudes and/or behaviors. This is to improve road safety, using organized communications involving specific media channels within a giving time perio

Improving Drivers Safety Consciousness

Road safety enlightenment programs are vital in achieving drivers safety consciousness. It involves measures that aim at positively influencing traffic behavioral pattern, with an emphasis on;

  • Promotion of knowledge and understanding of traffic rules and situations
  • Improvement of skills through training and experience.
  • Strenghtening and changing drivers behaviour towards risk awareness. Also, personal safety and the safety of other road users.

Keys To Drivers Safety Consciousness


Bane On Effective Drivers Safety Awareness

Poor Information Management:

Timely and accurate information dissemination promotes interactions and good understanding. It builds mutual trust and confidence

The Tendency to Resist Change:

Human being have that innate tendency to resist change. Therefore not wanting to take corrections seriously.

Drivers safety consciousness dont resist change


Public ignorance on the dangers of operating the road, poses to their health and lives.


It was understandable that beyond this awareness on information level, a combination of the different arms of the mass media , other communications channel is very essentially.

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