Drivers license renewal in Nigeria

Drivers License Renewal In Nigeria

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Applicants for drivers license renewal in Nigeria have lots of different experiences they encountered on the process. However, this is to let anyone who cares to know, have a better understanding of the process, according to Federal Road Safety Corps(FRSC). Actually, it is a simple and less time consuming process than fresh application. Drivers license renewal is a re-validation of an expired drivers license.

The holder of a legitimate drivers license may apply for the renewal at any time from 30 days earlier than the expiry date of the license.

Drivers License Renewal Procedure

1. The applicant apply by completing the on-line form 2. Make payment on-line or through a bank 3. Confirms payment at Board of Internal Revenue 4. Proceed to Road Transport Office/VIO for test 5. Move into FRSC drivers license center ( for physical capture if requested)

Apply By Completing The Form On-line

  • To renew your drivers license, you need to be connected on-line. With your device, login to or seek help from others probably a cyber cafe.
Drivers license renewal in Nigeria first login page
  • Upon logging in, click on renewal. The renewal window will open and click on “Apply now” button.

Here you will be asked to visit any drivers license center near you if applying for commercial drivers license. The reason is to provide further information, for instance the applicant need to provide an ID card of any road-related association or letter of appointment as a driver, and so on. Ignore it, just click on “continue”

Another page will open. Here you will see were to input your drivers license number and date of birth. Upon completing the information click on “Search “

Drivers license renewal in Nigeria login page

Personal Details

  • Your information will come out automatically. Then make changes. But note that some can not be changed like names of the applicant, date of birth. Why is it so? Because these details were automatically extracted from your driving school certificate on your first driving license registration, immediately you entered your driving school certificate code.
  • But if you intend to change anything, maybe there was a mistake in the spelling of your name or date of birth. All hope is not lost. Go to any FRSC drivers license center for further directive on how to apply for correction(this can only be done if the window for correction is open. Because it was suspended at one time according to FRSC). But go ahead to change the ones you are not cool with. Probably you may notice some inputs you wish to adjust as you proceed to the next page.
Personal details page

Contact Details

  • When done with first page click “Next” to go to the next page which is contact details and continue with your changes if so desires. Probably you may want to change your residential address, mailing address and so on.

Processing Centre And License Type

  • This stage is were the processing details is and very important for the applicant. Choose any state of your choice were you want to process your drivers license.
  • The validity years you are applying for, that is 3 years or 5 years.
  • Another important detail here is to choose if you want to recapture or not. If you dont want, then you are in for a “Bypass”. Then use the “submit” button.

Review And Pay

  • After submitting you will be taken to “Review and Pay”. Go through the preview page and certify that all your information is correct, go ahead to print it out.

Payment For Drivers License Renewal


if you wish to pay on-line, go ahead to pay with your debit card. How much to pay?

S/No Drivers License Class 3years 5 years
1 Class A #3,000 #5,000
2 Other classes #6,000 #10,000

Key in the required information to effect the payment. Upon confirmation of your on-line payment, the Acknowledgement slip will show up. Print it out. It contains useful information including your application ID, payment status which will show payment confirmed, years applied for. Visit the Track Application Status by going back to the Home page. You will be required to key in your application ID, drivers license number and date of birth. Subsequently, what what will show up is your Payment Confirmation Slip. Print it out and keep the copy.

The Physical Bank Payment

Approved bank for drivers license payment
  • This process involves going straight to the bank after printing out the Application preview page. Visit any of these banks branch of your choice, Access, FCMB, First, UBA, Union, Polaris or Wema bank. Collect and fill in the deposit teller.
  • Payment in the bank will attract charges. That is why you pay extra fraction of naira on the normal drivers license renewal fee, example #10’450. #450 is the bank charges.
  • Also where applicant chooses to apply for multiple classes, each class will be charged separately.
  • Finally, collect the payment printed out slip.

Confirm Payment At BIR

  • The applicant is to register his payment at Board of Internal Revenue (BIR/MLA) office under the processing office you selected
  • Go with these print outs which includes: – a copy of your Application Acknowledgement Slip. – the Payment Confirmation Slip. – a photocopy of your Expired Drivers license. The BIR confirms and endorses your drivers license application. There is a space for that.

RTO Test

Vehicle inspection officer

The applicant is to proceed to RTO/VIO testing officer for assessment or test if necessary. The applicant may be required to pay about a thousand naira(#1,000) depending on the state. The testing officer have a space where he is to record the applicant’s performance and endorsement.

FRSC Drivers License Processing Center

  • The applicant is to proceed to FRSC drivers license processing center for submission and possible biometric capture. To capture is Optional. The applicant only capture if he has requested to do so while filling the form.
  • The receiving officer collects the drivers license application documents and endorses it for use. Bypass maybe conspicuously written on drivers license application form, stamped and signed.
  • If the applicant is to capture, there will be no need for him making photocopy of the documents because he will be given the portable Temporary drivers license. The temporary license usually expires after 2 months. Of which the original drivers license is expected to be out before expiration. If not out, the applicant is expected to go back to FRSC drivers license centers for extension until the original drivers license is out.
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