Defensive driving

Defensive Driving

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Defensive driving means driving to stay alive against all odds. Not allowing the action or inaction of other road users to have negative impact on you and the occupants of your vehicle.

Requirements for defensive driving

  • Defensive driving requires the use of -knowledge -skill -foresight -taking precise decisions and actions to avoid road traffic crashes
  • Involves the application of a set of drills/sequence of activities to avoid road hazards via
Defensive driving through proper signalling

-signal -mirrow -position -manoeuvre -speed -look out -final mirror check -horn

Giving adequate consideration to the sequence above will enable the driver to have more time to take stock of happenings on the road ahead. And be adequately prepared for any eventuality.

  • Defensive driving requires 100% attention The central focus are -space and -visibility
  • Drivers must display the following to achieve a good level of safety while on the road -ability -brilliance -experience

Good to know that while some drivers are careful others are not, thereby necessitating the former to take measures to avoid accidents

Also mechanical faults could occur, coupled with poor weather conditions which may contribute to cause more traffic problem, including crash.

Another fact is that many drivers consider themselves as good. Because they have been driving for several years but this is not true. Even experience and confidence drivers still make mistakes now and then.

A driver having his both hands on his head after involving in a crash.


In conclusion, a traffic crash is a needless catastrophe. On occurence of a crash, effort must be in place to ensure that similar crash does not happen again.

For more information read Rules For Defensive Drving and Defensive Drving Technique or visit

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