Defensive driving techniques

Defensive Driving Techniques

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The idea of defensive driving techniques involves the various behaviour every driver must exhibit to avoid accident. The concept of driving defensively is the fact that every driver must see all other drivers on the highway as mad people. Sounds funny!

Defensive driving techniques is a form of training for motor vehicle operators that goes beyond mastery of traffic rules and regulations and the basic mechanics of driving.

Defensive driving techniques is not mastery of these traffic rules and regulations

However, to drive safely, every driver needs to see others as potential threats to there safety on the roads and treat them as such so that road traffic accident would be reduced drastically. That you in turn is a potential threat to all other road users, is fundamental to the practice of preventive driving .

Elements of defensive driving techniques

  • Drivers should avoid getting into any situation were their safety will depend mainly on the response of other drivers or vehicles.
  • Try to expect danger at all times.
  • Drivers should know that overtaking, entering into the traffic flow, or slowing down and stopping while in traffic are all potentially high risk situations
  • Always beware of your cocoon of safety
  • Driver to always give other road users correct, adequate and advance information about his intentions
  • Never assume that other drivers are as skillful and observant as you are or they will respond the same way as you do in any given situation
  • Drivers must not assume anything that they cannot see for themselves
  • Always be prepared for unexpected and unsignalled stopping
  • Bear in mind the purpose of being on the road which is to arrive safely
  • Always drive at your comfortable speed
  • The principle of see and be seen at night should be in mind and always show considerations to other road users

Other focus areas

  • These are minor problems which could mitigate against a smooth journey and must be removed. Oil. Check the vehicle oil level
Vehicle checks on oil is part of Defensive driving techniques
  • Brakes. Confirms if the brakes are active
  • Check coolant in radiator
  • Check wheel nuts
  • Battery energy levels and terminal
  • Directional and rear lights
  • Ensure clean windscreen
  • Use seatbelt
  • Additional focus area

If drivers can follow the above listed principles of defensive driving techniques. There will be very little likelihood of getting involved in a road traffic accident. Also, there will be less stress and improvement on health

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