the current traffic offences and fines according to FRSC

Current Traffic Offences And Fines

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The current traffic offences and fines will be the focus of this write up. As we know, the increase in civilization, modernization and urbanization has subsequently increased the mobility of people and goods in various places. This no doubt put pressure on the need to organize transport system to reduce chaos, road traffic accidents and increase drivers safety consciousness. Hence, the introduction of traffic offences and fines to discourage and punish indiscipline and unsafe acts on the roads. There exists traffic laws in Nigeria that specify what constitutes traffic offences and their penalties. However, the following are the current traffic offences and fines. Also the penalties under the federal road safety commission (Establishment) Act 2007 were as follows

Know The List Of Current Traffic Offences And Fines In Nigeria

The followings are the list of current traffic offences and fines in Nigeria

Light sign violation-LSV(#2,000): Be on the road without any light or faulty lights, signs or reflectors or wrongful use of signal.

Road obstruction violation-ROB(#3,000): This means to obstruct any section of the road with vehicle or in any other way that may affect free flow of traffic

Road obstruction is among the Current traffic offences and fines

Route violation-RTV(#5,000): Driver using a restricted road where it is marked “one way” or “no entry”.

Speed limit violation-SLV(#3,000): It means to disobey speed-limits erected at road construction area or any other road.

Vehicle license violation-VLV(#3,000): Driving a vehicle without a valid vehicle license of identification mark being displayed

Vehicle number plate violation-NPV(#3,000): Cover number plates at the front and rear side of the vehicle

Drivers license violation-DLV(#10,000): This means driving a vehicle without a valid permit; driver’s license or other permits required by law.

Wrongful overtaking violation-WOV(#3,000): Overtaking another vehicle wrongfully

Road marking violators-RMV(#3,000): Disobey or disregard road signs or pavement markings.

Caution signs violation-CSV(#3,000): Driving a vehicle without c-caution sign.

Dangerous driving-DGD(#50,000): This means to drive a vehicle a two or three wheel cycle on any road in a reckless or negligent manner that will be dangerous to other road users.

Driving under alcohol or drugs influence-DUI(#5,000): During a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Driving under the influence of alcohol is part of current traffic offences and fines

Operating a vehicle with fogged document-OFD(#20,000): This means driving a vehicle with fogged vehicle papers.

Unauthorized removal or tampering with road signs-UTS(#5,000): Driving a vehicle or any mechanically propelled engines that would result in the damage to any public presence, street lights, traffic signals, road signs, etc

“Do Not Move” violation-DNM(#2,000)Remove from a vehicle the sign, “Do not move”

Inadequate construction warning-ICW(#50,000): Failure of construction company not to provide warning/inadequate sings at the construction area

Construction area speed limit-CAV(#3,000): Drivers failure to adhere to speed limits provided by construction warning signs.

Failure to move over-FMO(#3,000): That is failure to move over to the slow lane to free up traffic flow.

Failure to cover unstable materials-FCM(#5,000): Uncover gravel or other unstable materials with tarpaulin or strong plastic to stop it spilling on the roads.

Overloading-OVL(#10,000): Load a vehicle above the weight or number of passengers required by law

An overloaded vehicle

Driving with worn out tyre or without spare tyre-TYY(#3,000): That is driving a vehicle with worned tyre or without spare tyre.

Driving without or with shattered windscreen-VWV(#2,000): That is driving a vehicle with damaged, shattered or without windscreen.

Failure to fix red flag on projected load-FFF(#3,000): Driving a vehicle with projected load without fixing red flag

Failure to report accident-FRC(#20,000): Drivers failure to report accident to the appropriate agency

Medical personnel or hospital rejection of accident victims-RCV(#50,000): Rejecting accident victims by hospital personnel

Assaulting marshal on duty-AMD(#10,000): Assaulting a marshal on duty

Obstructing marshal on duty-OMD(#2,000): Obstruct a marshal in the performance of his duty

Attempting to corrupt marshal-ACS(#10,000): Corrupt a marshal on duty.

Driving without a specified fire extinguisher-FEV(#3,000): This means driving a vehicle without fire extinguisher or specified one.

Excessive smoke emission-ESE(#5,000): Driving a vehicle that emits excessive smoke

Vehicle excessive smoke emission

Driving a commercial vehicle without passenger manifest-PMV(#10,000): Still driving a commercial vehicle without a passenger manifest.

Driving without seatbelt-SUV(#2,000): Failure to use seatbelts while driving.

Use of phone while driving-UPD(#4,000): Using your cell phone while driving.

Driving a vehicle while under 18years-UDR(#2,000): Driving under 18years of age

Riding a motorcycle without a crash helmet-RMH(#2,000): Riding a motorcycle without a crash helmet properly strapped to the head and fastened under the chin

Mechanically deficient vehicle-MDV(#5,000): Driving a vehicle that is mechanically deficient

Failure to install speed limit device-SLD(#3,000): Driving a commercial vehicle without a speed limiter installed.

Penalty Points

This is the points attached to each traffic offence and is recorded against driver upon committing an offence. There are different maximum grouping of points of which a driver receives will be awarded the penalty attached to it. 10-14 penalty points- Warning 15-20 penalty points- Suspension 21 and above- Withdrawal of license.

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