Coronavirus: Anambra Transport Order

Coronavirus: Anambra Transport Order

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Coronavirus: Anambra transport order is to prevent coronavirus and the spread in the state. However, it is no longer news that the WHO declares coronavirus a world pandemic and a global health emergency.

Coronavirus: Anambra Transport Order to prevent it

Sequel to the WHO declaration and in response to the growing threats of the coronavirus COVID-19, Anambra state government has come out with the following measures to ensure the safety of the people. According to the governor of Anambra state Chief Willie M. Obiano during his press briefing on the way of containing COVID-19 ordered

  • Following the consequences of the boarder closure by the Delta state government, the Anambra state government has ordered the effective close down of the Onitsha bridge from all forms of traffic by midnight of Monday 30/03/2020.
  • There will be also restrictions of movement from the Borromeo roundabout by Zik’s mausoleum through Upper Iweka to Bridge head.
  • No tricycle rider should carry more than two passengers at a time.
  • All shuttle drivers should not carry more than 3 passengers at a time.
  • Civil servants in the state are henceforth directed to proceed on a 14-day work-from-home. But can be called upon at any given time to handle an urgent assignment as the case arises. Also, this directive excludes all staff of Anambra state ministry of health and offices on essential duty.
  • Public gatherings, suspended in Anambra state till further notice. The public gatherings includes, marriage ceremonies, funerals ceremonies, community festivals, masquerade festivals, igbankwu nwanyi, baby christening, new yam festivals, title taking ceremonies and any meeting of more than 30 participants.
  • Transport operators are to submit the manifest of all passengers coming into Anambra state. To the appropriate authorities with their names, phone numbers, residential addresses and final destination
  • All schools of different categories are to close down with immediate effects
  • Drivers of township and mini buses must not carry more than 5 passengers at a time.
  • People should only visit the markets for essential commodities. And should maintain social distancing. The market must also provide hand-washing points and hand sanitizers for their citizens.
  • All night clubs are should closed. Until further notice. People should endeavour to sit at home
  • All returnees to Anambra state from all countries of the world and states that have COVID-19 cases must go into self-isolation for 14 days and report to the ministry of health for further checks at the end their self-quarantine.
  • Security agencies are to ensure full compliance.
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