Convoy Driving

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Convoy driving refers to the movement of more than one vehicle together to thesame destination.

How To Handle Convoy Driving

  • Have a meeting with the drivers involved and let them know of the routes to be taken.
Dummy drivers having a meeting before engaging in a convoy driving
  • Remind the drivers the importance of road traffic rules and regulations.
  • Assign a sweeper and he should be with a radio for communication. He is the last car that lets the group leader knows about all the cars involved in the Convoy.
  • Confirm the functionability of the radio devices
  • Usually, a convoy is not supposed to be more than 10 vehicles. If the vehicles are more, break it down into separate convoys with a different leader and sweeper.
  • Then separate the convoys by approximately five to ten minutes so as to avoid confusion on the radios.
  • Better to use different channels of frequencies
  • Ensure to signal all turns earlier enough
A driver pressing a hazard light botton
  • Dont use hazard light. Hazard lights are not meant for convoy driving. It is meant to signal danger or that the vehicle is a temporary obstruction. In other words, it is to indicate an abnormality with the vehicle whenever it is switched on.
  • Favour the vehicle on the slow lane when on a 4-lane expressway
  • That you are in a convoy does not mean that you tailgate. Allow suitable clear distance between you and the car in front of you.
Convoy driving on expressway while avoiding tailgating
  • Keep in sight the car in front of you. Also watch the car behind you. If he slows down you slow down. Incase the leader sees the car behind him slowing down, it is his duty to slow down also.
  • If the convoy gets separated, the group leader will proceed until he can find a safe place to pull over. And let the rest of the convoy catch up.
  • Passing another vehicle is done one after the other. But not once.
  • When passing is complete and there is no room to reemerge into the convoy, move to the front of the convoy

In event of a non-convoy driver needs or wants to cut in, let him. There will be enough time to regroup on a 4-lane road or at rest stops.

  • The route is well marked. And there will be plenty of opportunities for the leader car to move back into position
  • Special condition like rain, fog, and so on may arise, some drivers will choose to move on while others will want to stop. If you choose to pull over, signal long in advance
  • In case the group leader misses a turn do not panic. Announce the error and proceed to a place where the convoy can regroup
  • Though you are in a convoy, but drive as though you are an individual following a planned route and map.
  • Dont forget that the main objective is first and foremost a safe and pleasant drive. Traveling and arriving together. Remember to check tyre inflation, engine oil and flood levels. Ensure adequate fuel in the tank.
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