Commonly Abused Drugs And Effects

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Drug abuse and alcohol destroys the user organs and impairs their vision. Its use is very common among the youths. The commonly abused drugs includes tobacco, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and other drugs like prescription drugs.


Commonly abused drugs tobacco

Tobacco is contained in cigars, cigarettes, snuff and pipe tobacco. It contains nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide. Users of nicotine can be addicted to it, tar can cause cancer and carbon monoxide is a very dangerous gas. Research reveals that cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking lead to use of other dangerous drugs.

Tobacco Effects

Users of tobacco are liable to suffer the following diseases

  • cough
  • Bronchitis
  • Ulcer
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Tissue damage
  • Cancer of the lungs, stomach, throat, lower part of the large intestine.


Heroin a powerful analgesic drug derived from opium. Very addicting and usually results to continuous or persistently craving for the drug. Attempting to stop it leads to significant and painful withdrawal symptoms.

Commonly abused drugs heroin

Heroin Effects

  • The user is exposed to malnutrition. Because it suppresses hunger.
  • Can cause abscess at the site of injection
  • Exposes the user to chronic bronchitis because it suppresses cough reflexes
  • The consumer is content to sit and dream in an euphoric state
  • Heroin can also cause tetanus hepatitis, endocarditis
  • Can result to permanent necrosis (scarring at injection site)
  • Can lead to HIV infection due to sharing of middles and syringes.
  • Overdose can lead to death
  • Women who uses heroin during pregnancy is subject to heart disease, hepatitis, pneumonia and babies being smaller than average and born addicted
  • At times still birth or miscarriage occurs.


Cocaine is a narcotic drug obtained from the leaves of the coca plant. Also, taken illegally as a stimulant. It can be very addictive and can kill. It is a very strong stimulant to the central nervous system (CNS) including the brain

Commonly abused drugs showing cocaine

Cocaine effects

  • It can cause heart attack
  • Congestion and running nose can occur
  • Increase heartbeat rate and blood pressure
  • Disintegration of the mucous membrane of the nose and damage to nasal septum.
  • Restlessness irritability and anxiety
  • Can lead to depression when the drug is not available
  • Weight loss
  • Orgasmic failure
  • Stomach problems
  • Can cause damage to the liver, lungs, and may lead to death when used for a long time.

Marijuana And Its Effects

An unprocessed marijuana leave

Prescription Drugs

Commonly abused drugs and effects showing some prescription drugs

Many medications act on the systems in the brain that could impair driving ability like cough syrup with codeine, benzodiazepines, opiate analgesic. However, many prescription drugs comes with warning against the operation of machinery including vehicles for a specified period of time after use. Also, when prescription drugs are taken without medical supervision, that is when abused, and other harmful reactions can also result.

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